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GitHub for Windows

What is Github Desktop? It's a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Git and the command line.  Gi…

Epic Privacy Browser for Windows

Epic Privacy Browser protects you and your data on the Internet. Surf the web and do your work safe…

Opera GX for Windows

The world's first browser designed for gamers, Opera GX, aims to appeal to users who already us…

x64dbg for Windows

X64dbg is an open-source software debugger for Windows. The tool offers a wide range of utilities a…

Yandex Browser for Windows

Yandex. Browser pushes for a faster browsing experience. Its whole principle is to reduce the loadi…

Vivaldi for Windows

Vivaldi is a powerful program with many extras. The most remarkable feature set includes a large  V…

Ubisoft Connect for Windows

Ubisoft connect is a free app that merges the Uplay store and Ubisoft Club while adding cross-play …

Teleparty For Windows

Netflix Party is an extension exclusively designed for Google Chrome users so they can watch shows …

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