Google I O 2019 Android Q, Pixel 3A, Google Assistant, Google Stadia, we take stock of the expected ads

Google I  O 2019 Android Q, Pixel 3A, Google Assistant, Google Stadia, we take stock of the expected ads

Google I  O 2019 Android Q, Pixel 3A, Google Assistant, Google Stadia, we take stock of the expected ads
Google I  O 2019 Android Q, Pixel 3A, Google Assistant, Google Stadia, we take stock of the expected ads

-Google I  O 2019 Android Q, Pixel 3A, Google Assistant, Google Stadia, we take stock of the expected ads: 

The Google I / O, the annual conference of developers will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, May 7 and will end next Thursday, the 9th. The open keynote is always an opportunity for the US firm to present its novelties for its system. Android operating, it's Google Assistant Personal Assistant and its other popular services, but this year the stakes are even more important. This is an opportunity for Sundar Pichai, the group's CEO, to address the world in what was certainly the most tumultuous period in the history of the research giant.

-A complex environment

Since last year's conference, important issues have been brought to the attention of the public. Company employees protested against Google's military contracts, its return to China and its treatment of temporary workers. Pichai was also dragged before the US Congress to defend his company against accusations of political bias.

Google: CEO Sundar Pichai told US Congress about China
The event comes just days after thousands of employees staged a sit-in in several Google offices to express their dissatisfaction with alleged reprisals for a previous protest. Two long-time employees said the management had unfairly targeted them because of their role in organizing Google's historic strike last year, which saw more than 20,000 company employees leave their offices.

Google has also been criticized for YouTube's inability to control the content of its platform. The video service, a subsidiary of Google, has been accused of prioritizing growth rather than the security of its users.

Where, when and how?
The annual developer festival starts on May 7th and ends on May 9th. It takes place in the backyard of the research giant, at the Shoreline Amphitheater. The giant concert hall is so close to Google's Global Headquarters in Mountain View, California that you can see it from CEO Sundar Pichai's office.

The opening speech of the event will begin at 7pm (French time) on May 7th. It is usually broadcast live on YouTube and we will post the link when it becomes available.

What to expect?

In recent years, Google released its new version of Android to software developers in March. But the company often reserves a small niche for its mobile operating system. This year, Android Q will support foldable screens, faster application launches, and privacy updates.

Android Q: 5 features that are worth a look

Google Assistant

Last year, Duplex software, an artificial intelligence technology that speaks like a human, stole the show from Google Assistant. The idea is to let the software make calls on your behalf to make appointments, such as restaurant reservations. As of its announcement, the product has sparked controversy over its ability to deceive people who may not know they can talk to a robot. It is reasonable to think that updates will be announced whether for Google Assistant or Duplex.

Augmented reality and virtual

Three years ago, Google introduced its Daydream virtual reality platform. It allows users to turn their phones into equipment for virtual reality. Since then, Google has communicated very little about this technology and virtual reality in general.
But the company made noise around augmented reality with "Lens". It is a tool that allows you to search for information via the camera of your phone. For example, you can see digital directional arrows on your phone screen when you are in Google Maps navigation mode. Or see information about a restaurant when you point your camera at the front of a store.

Nest Hub Max

Last month, Google appeared to accidentally disclose its own product: The company's store website mentions the Nest Home Hub, with a "10-inch HD display and stereo speakers." The unit will also be equipped with an integrated Nest Cam.

Google I / O: announcements for our home that we are waiting at the conference

Pixel 3A

Rumors have circulated about a mid-range version of Google's flagship phone, which would be called Pixel 3a. In an apparent "error" of Google's online store, the company touted a "Pixel 3A - NEW" before deleting the mention. To fuel more speculation: Earlier this week, the site of the Google store said that "something important happened in the universe Pixel" May 7, the same day as the keynote.

Google Stadia

Last month, Google unveiled Stadia, a new gaming platform in the cloud. The idea is to stream video games directly from Google's data centers, instead of a console.

There are still several unknowns. We do not know if Stadia will have a subscription model and how much it could cost. We do not know much about the type of games catalog it will have. When the search giant announced Stadia at the Game Developers Conference in March, the company said it would give more details during the summer, possibly at the E3 conference in Los Angeles. But it is possible that Google can tell us more about Stadia.

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