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Samsung A50 test and reviews

Samsung a50 review
Samsung a50 review

Samsung a50

Samsung launches a massive offensive on the mid-range smartphone segment. The A50 is one of the spearheads. The Korean puts the dishes in the big with a neat design, a beautiful AMOLED screen, good performance, a wide-angle camera and even a fingerprint reader under the screen. Yet, this is not the child prodigy expected and suffers from some weaknesses.

If the Galaxy family (S and Note) remains the spearhead of Samsung in the high end. The Korean has decided not to (more) neglect the mid-range segment with its A-series. For 2019, the manufacturer announces that it wants to launch 10 different models, 6 of which will be available in France, to occupy each segment of the market and no longer letting croupiers by Huawei, Honor and other Xiaomi. The A50 is one of the first to appear at the end of its nose. This model positioned at 349 euros promises to bring the best of Samsung in an affordable product. It must now prove itself because, in front of him, the Pocophone F1 or the Xiaomi Mi 9 or the Huawei P20 Lite await it at the turn.

Design, elegant despite his chin

Samsung cares about the look of its A50 with clean lines and a very successful plastic back. His painting that plays with the light is very pleasant, even if the effect is less impressive than with a smartphone glass. On the other hand, unlike the latter, if he captures fingerprints well with his smooth surface, it remains much less marked.
The slight curvature on the sides brings a touch of elegance and especially an effective grip, despite a nice fineness (7.7 mm). The triple photo sensor placed at the top left has the good taste of having almost no relief. The front is streamlined, with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display that occupies about 85% of the surface. For the first time, Samsung succumbs to the notch in a drop of water that is quite discreet. If the edges are thin on the sides and the top, the bottom lets him appear a marked chin.
In fact, it is not so important (about 0.6 mm), but by breaking the balance of lines of the Samsung A50, it is particularly noteworthy. Nothing unacceptable but some will tick.

Footprints under the screen, at cheap

The low end of the Samsung A50 has a USB-C port, a good thing because it gives access to fast charging. Next door, a jack is also present which will delight aficionados of wired headphones.
The SIM card and microSD card slot are hidden by a hatch on the left edge. You will surely notice the absence of a fingerprint reader. The A50 is the first smartphone in its price category to offer a fingerprint reader under the screen. Beware, the latter is much less technical than the S10. No ultrasonic sensor, but a "simple" optical system.
Unlocking is sometimes capricious and not always very fast. Going through an encrypted code is often more effective, as is facial recognition. Be careful, it works harder in low light. The Samsung A50 ships Android 9 with the OneUI home interface. If some prefer Android stock, you have to admit that OneUI offers a lot of customization features.
Samsung Bixby's voice assistant is still here, but can now speak in French (in beta). It offers the possibility to create routines vocally, which can be very practical every day. If this function goes over your head, you will probably never use Bixby.

Screen and Performance, excellence meets the means

We have before us a very beautiful 6.4 "screen with a Super AMOLED panel, in 19.5: 9 format in 2340 x 1080 pixels. The colors are very bright, too flattering to the eye. If this artificial side does not bother you, you will be served. For others, go for the basic view for a more natural look
The brightness is very good and a night mode will temper his ardor when you read at night. In full sun, the readability is surprisingly pleasant. Performance level, the A50 is built around an Exynos 9610 associated with 4 GB of RAM and a MALI-G72 GPU. On paper and at the benchmark level, we have honorable results.
Power lovers will be more willing to look at the Pocophone F1 for example. Android and apps are fluent in use. Despite the 4GB of RAM, however, we have regular slowdowns when we switch from one app to another. Nothing catastrophic, but it is amazing for a product to 349 euros, moreover signed Samsung. Video games level, the vast majority of titles work properly with a good level of detail and fluidity more than acceptable.

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