Training 5 pitfalls to avoid when resuming training

Training 5 pitfalls to avoid when resuming training

In a press article for Dr. Marie-Anne Laperrière, a physiotherapist expert in training and owner of balance Urban in Trois-Rivières, I was able to draw some reflections and good practice on the resumption of physical activity after pregnancy.

Training 5 pitfalls to avoid when resuming training
Training 5 pitfalls to avoid when resuming training

 in this context, I decided to write this article to share with you 5 pitfalls to avoid during post-delivery fitness.

Training 5 pitfalls to avoid

Training: Trap 1-start training too hard

One of the best ways to get back to training is to never have to stop during pregnancy! But it is well known, many women reduce their activities during this period of their lives, rather than embark on a furious jog that may cause exhaustion with the possibility of unnecessary injuries, the first step of fitness is necessary and his going through? walking, quite simply. We take out our stroller (without leaning on it while walking) and we make small steps fast, short and light. Gradually, we can increase the rate and duration of the journey and the metabolism of each.

Training: Trap 2 Go it alone

Being surrounded by professionals is a must when it comes to starting postpartum fitness. At first, if you notice urinary leakage or discomfort of the pelvic area, do not hesitate to consult a

physiotherapist expert in perineal reeducation (I also discussed this topic in more detail here). In addition, for successful fitness, call a trainer recognized and recommended by a medical professional.

Training: Trap 3 Set disproportionate goals

To move from sedentary to iron-man in 6 months? Although this kind of challenge makes one dream, from a medical point of view, it is rather unhealthy. Fitness, strengthening and cardio-muscular optimization work on several levels and it is a measurable factor in time vs intensity and type of training! The more the progression follows its normal course without being hasty, the less the risk of injury. It is important to take the time to properly execute each exercise before moving on to the next step. It is often the mistake of the motivated people, they want to evolve quickly and launch challenges difficult to reach in the short term, which will undoubtedly have harmful repercussions for the health

Training 5 pitfalls to avoid when resuming training
Training 5 pitfalls to avoid when resuming training

Training: Trap 4 Neglecting one's psychological health

A healthy mind in a healthy body is cliche, but so important! Many mothers have the desire to train but create all kinds of psychological blockages that affect their fitness. Taking time for yourself and

prioritizing and working on self-confidence and self-reflection on one's state of mind before starting workout are all part of a holistic approach to health that has a higher chance of success.

Training: Trap 5 Train for the wrong reasons

And if we ask ourselves the question about the real reasons for its fitness? remove the tummy, lose weight, firm up your body or succeed in a competitive challenge are all motivations frequently mentioned, but take time for yourself and reconnect with the body that has just given birth, it's also that, the training? and the chances that our efforts will last over time are higher if we do it for the right reasons and the right way

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