How to get rid of belly fat

How to get rid of belly fat

Bloating, swelling, pain ... These stomach aches can be more than painful to live with. Especially if they occur daily. What foods to avoid and what natural tips to adopt? Nutritionist and dietitian Alexandra Murcier gives us her advice on how to deflate your stomach quickly.

How to get rid of belly fat
How to get rid of belly fat

There are generally two reasons for belly bloating and it is important to determine which scenario we are in before implementing our anti-bloating strategy.

First possibility: the swollen belly following digestive problems. The second? Because of excess fat. How do you know what situation you are in? By observing her belly upon waking. "If it is relatively flat and it is not bloated at all but swells up over the course of the day, it is probably due to a digestive problem," explains nutritionist Alexandra Murcier. Otherwise, we try to follow a food rebalancing (poor in salts, sugar, and fat) and get into sport (with a lot of cardio) in order to burn a max.

For all digestion and bloated stomach problems, there are solutions to quickly deflate:

How to get rid of belly fat
How to get rid of belly fat

Ways to lose belly fat: Deflate the belly by changing your diet

You can have a bloated stomach because of a diet too rich in fermentable foods (fruit, vegetables) or because of particular sensitivity to certain foods (sometimes even depending on their cooking method). It is also possible that this is due to excessive consumption of carbonated drinks. More rarely, this can reflect an intolerance to gluten or lactose for example.

"Generally, it can be interesting to establish a diet low in Fodmaps responsible for fermentation and therefore swelling", warns the expert. Fodmaps are families of sugars that are difficult to assimilate. Among the foods rich in Fodmaps are apricots, cherries, cabbage, fresh cheese or even pulses (lentils, chickpeas, etc.).

6 tips to follow every day:

  1. -avoid consuming fruit at the end of a meal
  2. -avoid heavy meals
  3. - avoid chewing gum
  4. -avoid fried food
  5. -prioritize raw fruits and vegetables
  6. -take time to chew and eat slowly (put your fork between each bite)

How to get rid of belly fat
How to get rid of belly fat

Ways to lose belly fat:

Deflating the belly: update on drinks

We set aside soft drinks and drink water after meals. Especially not straw because this bad habit, like chewing gum, ingests more air. Green tea has the advantage of facilitating transit, in addition to having a significant detox effect. Beware of fruit juices. If they do not have a direct consequence on bloating (unless you are intolerant of one of the fruits contained in the drink) because there are no more fibers in pressed and industrial juices, they promote the weight gain. Their very high glycemic index is really not ideal for the silhouette as well as for health. As for alcohol, it irritates the intestine. It is avoided as much as possible, including the misnamed "digestives".

Deflating the belly through sport

It is necessary to strengthen the abdominal strap through sheathing exercises in order to improve digestion. We get into deep muscular sports like yoga and Pilates.

Deflate the belly in a natural way

Often recommended during food poisoning, vegetable charcoal is effective in improving digestion. Be careful, if we need to take it every day, it is that we have not solved the source of the problem which is probably in our food.

How to get rid of belly fat
How to get rid of belly fat

Swollen belly and pain: what to do?

A swollen belly accompanied by pain can be a sign of intolerance to a food or group of foods. The nutritionist explains: "It is important in this case to be followed by a health professional in order to identify the problem through an exclusion diet on foods that potentially cause intolerance."

Swollen belly and gas: what to do?

A swollen belly accompanied by gas is often a sign of particular sensitivity to fermentable foods. In this case, you need to set up a diet low in Fodmaps.

Belly swollen on waking: what to do?

If you feel bloated upon waking and sometimes constipated, it is important to lighten the evening meal and adopt a diet rich in fiber in order to stimulate intestinal transit. Foods rich in fiber include those made with whole grains, nuts, and dried fruits, legumes, fruits, and vegetables.

Source : Alexandra Murcier, di├ęt├ęticienne-nutritionniste,

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