Quick weight loss: Mistakes that make you fat during a diet

Quick weight loss: Mistakes that make you fat during a diet

Many remedies are adopted to lose weight. Yet very often they prove to be ineffective, even completely counterproductive. A nutrition professional gives us his point of view and reveals

Quick weight loss: Mistakes that make you fat during a diet
Quick weight loss: Mistakes that make you fat during a diet

the worst mistakes to avoid in order to lose weight. Meet Gary Foster, the man behind the famous WW (former Weight Watchers) slimming program.

It's a fact: today, more and more of you want to lose weight and diets, as many as they are, are on the rise. They are tested, shared, relayed by the media, criticized, in short, decrypted and combed through. The Graal? Find THE diet that stands out and promises visible results.

"I think it’s largely because of the increasing prevalence of obesity and overweight globally that people are paying more attention to their line," says Gary Foster. , the international scientific director of WW (formerly Weight Watchers), former founder and director of the obesity research and education center, but also an obesity psychologist and investigator and behavior change expert. weights have proven health consequences, ranging from increased risk of high blood pressure, to diabetes, to sleep apnea. And the list doesn't stop there. "

Beyond the purely medical aspect, there are psychosocial reasons that push people to monitor their weight. "We want to be able to do simple things like going up the stairs without being out of breath, heckling with our children or grandchildren or simply feeling better about our bodies and therefore our heads," says the scientist.

Quick weight loss: Mistakes that make you fat during a diet
Quick weight loss: Mistakes that make you fat during a diet

"It's a way of eating that you should encourage when dieting"

Before going headlong into a diet, be aware that there are some common pitfalls to avoid. Certain mistakes could make your efforts completely counterproductive, or even make you gain even more weight. We take stock with Gary Foster.

"At WW, we have just launched myWW, presents the scientist. This program takes into account the dietary preferences and lifestyle of each member to orient them towards significant weight loss and a reduction in the feeling of hunger and One of the components of our success [the WW program has made more than 4 million people lose weight, editor's note] is none other than science. We are leveraging science to develop a rigorously tested, randomized program based on behavioral foundations, to help people change their habits. "

"It's a way of eating that you should encourage when dieting," continues Gary Foster. "It's not about cataloging foods that are 'good' or 'bad' and banning products that are considered unhealthy. It is too restrictive and it does not work. But we are going to make sure that there is a certain balance which can really be sustainable in the long term. "

Quick weight loss: Mistakes that make you fat during a diet

Error 1: Bet on a too restrictive diet

The most counterproductive mistake we find in diets: restriction. Admittedly, this can pay off in the short term, but in the long term, it's guaranteed failure!

You will crack after a few days!
This is often the number one reflex during a diet: wanting to eat as little as possible and removing as much food from our plates. However, this behavior often leads to… cracking after a few days and throwing oneself on food when the stomach screams starvation. Too restrictive a diet leads to higher food intake at the time of cracking. We talk about food overflow or compulsive behavior. On the contrary, to succeed in losing weight permanently, deprivation is not the solution. Gary Foster says: "Restrictive diets don't work; on the contrary, it's about choosing the right foods."

Quick weight loss: Mistakes that make you fat during a diet
Quick weight loss: Mistakes that make you fat during a diet

"Zero Point" Foods Are Your Friends
It is essential to differentiate between really nourishing and nutritionally interesting food and a product consumed only for pleasure. Some foods are distinguished by their high protein content (which guarantees the feeling of satiety), their good nutrients and their health and fitness benefits. So you can eat them to the fullest (provided you listen to your body and stop eating when you are no longer hungry).

"At WW, we call them zero-point foods *, says Gary Foster. We use the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to identify them. We note fruits, vegetables (but no other ingredients) : we, therefore, exclude spinach with cream, for example, editor's note), eggs, legumes, corn, fresh fish and seafood, chicken or turkey breast (but not marinated, without the skin and bones) , editor's note), plain yogurt (without flavoring), soy yogurt and plain tofu ".

* Under the WW method, each food costs a certain number of points, and these accumulate throughout the day. The idea to slim down is not to exceed your quota of daily points. Logically, healthy foods are not expensive in points, while foods that are too sweet or too fatty are penalized and have a higher SmartPoints value.

Quick weight loss: Mistakes that make you fat during a diet

Error 2: Setting the bar too high

"Losing 6 kg in one month; being able to hand over the tailor of my wedding; losing 3 pants sizes" ... When motivation motivates us, we tend to set the bar too high and set goals, sometimes unattainable. Again, this is counterproductive, according to Gary Foster.

A smaller goal will be more likely to be reached

Don't set yourself unrealizable goals, like some diets that promise to lose 8 kg in a month. We want to believe so much that we are quickly disappointed when all our efforts do not bear fruit. Place then disappointment, guilt, and return to square one.

"At the start of a diet, many patients say for example 'I will stop eating cookies, I will eat absolutely nothing'. However, a diet, to be effective, must not involve too radical a change in your habits and lifestyle, says Gary Foster. On the contrary, it is better to encourage people to take measures that they can keep for a long time, for a lasting thinning over time. Often, lower and achievable goals have more chances of being met. Set a modest goal and your diet will be more likely to be successful. "

Then go step by step: when one goal is reached, you can then set a second one. You will lose weight slowly but surely.

The scale is once a week!

By setting unattainable goals, you will quickly make a fixation, even if you only think about that! Get on the scale every morning with the ball in your belly while waiting for the verdict? Bad plan. In reality, your weight is regulated over an entire week. So weighing yourself every day doesn't make much sense. Depending on the hormonal period, what you drank, or depending on your transit, there may be a variation of a kilo and a half on the scale. However, this will cause unnecessary pressure and stress, which is harmful to your intestinal flora.

Quick weight loss: Mistakes that make you fat during a diet
Quick weight loss: Mistakes that make you fat during a diet

Balance your meals over the entire week, and only then can you take the scales out. Weigh yourself only one morning per week, this is more than enough and more representative of your weight.

Mistake 3 Guilt: "I know I shouldn't but ..."

Guilt is one of the biggest obstacles to your diet's success, the WW chief scientist says. Several studies already conducted on the subject also demonstrate that remorse and self-criticism (after a food crack) make them gain even more weight.

"Self-criticism does not help to move forward!"

From childhood, you are made to feel this sense of shame and guilt every time you make a mistake or a mistake. Our parents mistakenly thought this feeling was a motivator. Then you grew up and without realizing it, you took over. "You suck, you are not able to lose weight; You still missed the workout; You should not have had a second plate" ... During a diet, self-criticism resumes again. You tell yourself that you don't have the right to crack but you do it anyway.

"In our program, we bring patients to change this state of mind and to be less severe with themselves. Self-criticism does not help to advance, on the contrary, it explains Gary Foster still. You have fallen for a dessert this Enjoy it and move on. But don't waste your energy guilt. "

Quick weight loss: Mistakes that make you fat during a diet
Quick weight loss: Mistakes that make you fat during a diet

Guilt and negative emotions are often responsible for extra pounds

Guilt is the single most common cause of failure, says Gary Foster. It turns out that people who try to lose weight become self-critical pros. However, it is said that the harder you are with yourself, the more you risk gaining weight, and therefore the failure of your diet. "

Indeed, the weight of guilt is not a myth. A study ** has already highlighted the influence of food guilt on weight gain. For example, eating a chocolate cake with a feeling of guilt was associated with difficulty maintaining weight during the following 18 months.

According to the researchers, guilt would prompt us to drop a diet sooner. Conversely, perceiving chocolate as a reward would make it easier to meet long-term weight loss goals.

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