How to Make a Parental Lock For Apple Watch

How to Make a Parental Lock For Apple Watch

Anyone who cares for children knows how wonderful a bright display of a child or a child is. When an interactive touch screen is attached to your wrist, you can easily increase your intrigue!

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How to Make a Parental Lock For Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch has turned out to be a little attractive to little fingers and you're worried that it might inadvertently send a message, mess up your notification settings, or worse, here's a quick tip you can use to spark their interest.

Apple Watch: How to Make a Parental Lock For Apple Watch

It only takes a second to play, and hopefully, it will make your smartwatch a little less interesting ... until it is old enough to figure out how to reverse what you did.

  1. Bring up the Control Center on your ‌‌Apple Watch‌‌: Swipe up on a watch face, or when in an app, press the bottom edge of the screen then drag up the Control Center.
  2. Tap the Water Lock icon (it looks like a water droplet).

Of course, we improvise here with the Water Lock function, which is intended to be used during swimming (it locks the screen so that you can swim without activating the water). But it also works great as a quick parental lock, because your watch won't respond to clicks while it's activated.

It goes off easily too - if you know-how. Just manage the digital crown. You will see an animation on the screen indicating that the speaker is cleaned of water after "swimming". Keep turning it until you hear the alert tone increase in the field, and the Apple Watch touch screen will return to its natural, responsive state.

If your child feels bored and nap, just make sure to lock the water lock in another room, because it's a little bit noisy.

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