Dell launches new game

What if computer games are portable like your adapter? This is the idea of ​​Dell's new UFO concept, which turns an entire gaming computer into a mobile device.

Dell launches new game
Dell Alienware pc

UFO Dell

Dell presents the Alienware brand concept at CES as an initial snapshot of what a gaming laptop might look like. The mobile has an 8-inch screen with removable consoles that resemble the fun of switching.

But while the form factor looks like Nintendo Switch, Dell executives quickly pointed out it was a full Alienware PC. The current iteration contains 10th generation Intel processors, although none of the UFO specifications have been finalized.

It is also much bigger and heavier than the key. However, like a switch, you can use the built-in datum and disconnect the bridge controllers.

"In the end, it's really for the players," said Dell Preeth Srinivasan, who is part of the company's innovation portfolio. "You can do everything you can with your computer, but you want to play first."

But while the UFO is still just a concept, it's interesting. And most importantly - functional. Although Srinivasan claims that the battery life on the device is "not much" at the moment, 

Dell launches new game
Dell Console

Dell Game

He has managed to perform a few minutes of F1 on the UFO with consoles attached. She felt a little heavy to play in portable mode for a long time, 

But she was surprisingly gentle and sensitive to the concept of the device. (It got noticeably hot a few minutes after F1.)

I could not play with the separate consoles, which I think would be a better experience unless the weight of the plane went down a little. You can also play games with an external monitor and a Bluetooth controller, which is very similar to a traditional desktop setup.

                                                                                         Source Engadget

Whether players want a portable experience like this or not, that's another question. Many games do not necessarily match the type of casual game usually associated with portable or portable consoles.

However, if the UFO hits the market, it can give players more flexibility.

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