Facebook adds Quiet Mode

Facebook adds Quiet Mode to help users take a break from the app while they're stuck at home during coronavirus lockdown

New Facebook features are designed to help users take a break from notifications and continuous updates.

Facebook adds Quiet Mode
Facebook founder

The “silent mode” currently introduced around the world allows users to plan the hours they want to access Facebook and also allows them to turn off notifications when they need a break.

Quiet Mode

When the mode is activated, it also discourages users from opening it. Users who try to use the Facebook app while the silent mode is running will receive a reminder and a timer for how long the feature is enabled.
Users can, of course, choose to deactivate the mode and they will be allowed to use Facebook for 15 minutes, but by placing additional barriers between users and the app, this can discourage its use.

"As we all adapt to the new procedures and stay at home, setting limits on how you spend your time on the Internet can be beneficial," Facebook wrote in a blog post.

"Whether it's to help you focus on family and friends, sleep without distraction or manage the way you spend your time at home, we have tools to help you find the right balance for the way in which you use Facebook. "

The tool will be similar to the one already available in mobile operating systems such as Apple iOS, which are called "Screen Time" controls.

What makes Facebook remarkable for Apple's current controls is that the company appears to be developing tools to improve mental health during the general isolation measures caused by COVID-19.

Facebook adds Quiet Mode
Quiet mode

Facebook and the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people around the world to adjust to the new routine and cope with loneliness, job loss, sadness and more. The company wrote in a blog post 

that it is difficult for all of us in different ways, not just physically but mentally.

"For help, we share expert advice on staying healthy, supporting the work of mental health organizations, and giving you tools to manage your time on Facebook."

In addition to the in-app controls, Facebook also extends usage statistics for users who will display items such as the time you use the Facebook app, its duration, and moreover a two-week period.

The company says it is launching silent mode for iOS users and plans to extend it to Android users by June.

It expects the functionality to be widely available to all iOS users by May, while Android users will be assigned to get the functionality in June.

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