Fortnite is finally available through the Google Play Store

Epic Games' determination to avoid the Google Play store seems to have given way to realism. The studio released Fortnite in the Play Store, allowing anyone to install Battle Royale shooter on Android 

Fortnite is finally available on Google Play Store

without having to download custom Epic software or go through Samsung. However, the company is not completely satisfied with this decision. In a statement to The Verge (available below),  


Epic has effectively argued that Google scared developers who didn't give surnames through the Play Store and gave Google a 30% discount on all purchases.

Google will rely on "scary and redundant security pop-ups", Google Play Protect and hostile descriptions (such as treating third-party app sources as malware havens) to place non-Play Store titles "according to Epic. The company said it had no choice but to go to the Play Store to deal With this reality, Epic also called on Google to rethink its policies so that developers of all kinds can "compete on an equal footing" with Google in payments and other services.

This is not the first time that Epic has opposed Google’s insistence of 30%. He pushed to get away from the norm and even went so far as to describe this practice as illegal for any platform with the majority of the market. Google rejected this argument, saying its policy allows it to "invest" in the platform and that it does not wish to play favorites. Epic Fortnite sells on iOS, as addresses other than the App Store are not allowed except for exceptions like beta testing and enterprise deployments, but Apple also has a minority of the market.


Whether or not Epic has a case, there is also a simple business fact at work: It's easier to bring Fortnite to the Google Store now than it was when the Android version was delivered 18 months ago. Many of those who wanted to play on Android have already downloaded it. This affects this relative minority of people who have not been able to install from external sources or have refused to go elsewhere. It may be less a matter of survival and more than an attempt to recover players who have not been able (or did not want) to download the game before.

The Fortnite team orders via its official Twitter page

After 18 months of using Fortnite on Android outside of the Google Play Store, we have arrived at a basic achievement:

  • "Google puts downloadable software at a disadvantage outside of Google Play, thanks to technical and commercial measures such as scary and repetitive security pop-ups for downloaded and updated software, restrictive agreements and transactions with manufacturers and operators, Google's public relations characterizing sources of third-party software such as malware, and new efforts such as Google Play Protect to outright block software obtained outside the Google Play Store.
  • "For this reason, we launched Fortnite for Android on the Google Play Store. We will also continue to use the Epic Games app and Fortnite outside of Google Play.
  • "We hope Google will revise its policies and business relationships in the near future so that all developers are free to reach and engage in commerce with customers on Android and in the Play Store via open services, including payment services, which can compete in a level playing area. "

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