Google tightens Play Store rules

Google launches a new update that tightens Play Store rules to stop Android app subscription scams

Google announced a series of new policies to make subscriptions included in Android more transparent to users. Starting June 16th, apps will need to be clear about terms for paid subscriptions 

Google tightens Play Store rules to stop Android app subscription scams

and free trials and will need to provide a transparent way for users to cancel them. In addition to the app developer rules, the Google Play Store also provides more information to users directly, to inform 

them of the end of free trials or renewal of long-term paid subscriptions.

Google update

In addition to the updated subscription policies, Google also reminds developers that the new approval process for apps that want to access the background site will go into effect in August. New rules also come to reduce misleading content and deceptive apps.
The goal of the new subscription policies is to reduce misleading subscriptions and so-called "fleeceware", where applications are unclear about their subscription terms and offer free trials in the hope of misleading users of their money. Applications that attract users to sign up for expensive ongoing subscriptions not only come to the Play Store but in some cases, they have ranked even the highest rankings, according to Android police reports.

Many new policies emphasize transparency. For example, Google says that developers will need to clarify whether a subscription is required to access all features in their app to prevent users from thinking that they only need to sign up to access basic features. They should also provide more information about the general terms for free trials.

On the part of Google, it also introduces new features to provide users directly with more information about app subscriptions. In particular, users will now receive an email before the free trial period or introductory price expires or when the subscription has to be renewed for a longer period of three, six or 12 months automatically. Google will also remind users that uninstalling the application will not automatically cancel its subscription.

These actions are Google's latest attempt to battle against phishing apps in the Play Store after hundreds of Android apps banned from displaying bad ads earlier this year.

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