How to create an account on Mastodon

The social network that gives you back control, Mastodon the alternative of twitter

The recent anger on Twitter is said to have blocked the account of Supreme Court lawyer Sanjay Hedge, as Indian users have collectively abandoned the platform and head to 

How to create an account on Mastodon

Mastodon, a newer, more "open" social network. The lawyer also joined Mastodon.

If you are also a Twitter user dissatisfied with the site and want an alternative, or simply want to "post", you can switch to Mastodon. Here's how to get started.

Create an account on Mastodon

  • 1: Visit the official Mastodon website
  • 2: Select the "Get started" option
  • 3: Now select a server from "category". Your options will include General, Art, Technology, Food and so on.
  • 4: Select a preferred "Language"
  • 5: A list of servers will appear on the screen as per the category and language that you have selected. Click on "Join" for the preferred server
  • 6: You will now have to fill up a few details like username, email ID, password. Click on "Sign up" after filling in the details
  • 7: An email will be sent to your account to verify the email address. Verify it by clicking on the link sent on mail

                                                                                                         What is Mastodon
And that's it. You are good to go. Now you can follow, interact and post on Mastodon, just as you would on Twitter.

Mastodon has no official application, but good news, you can use network access via a multitude of applications. On Android, you can try Subway Tooter, Tusky, and Fedilab. On iOS: Toot!, Mast and Amaroq. For the Web: Pinafore, Halcyon. For Windows: Whalebrid, Tootle, Hyperspace, and TheDesk. For Sailfish OS: Tooter.


Source Mastodon

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