Predator Hunting Grounds - The Hunt Begins This Friday

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who downloaded and played with us during the trial weekend! Many developer teams, including myself, have jumped into games and love seeing how everyone 

Predator Hunting Grounds

handles quests and hunting. It has also been a great learning experience for us as developers. We play with each other every day, which is beneficial to the development process, but it also means that we 

get used to the way we play a lot. So seeing how new and predatory Fireteam members got into the game and how they're playing has been very beneficial in the final weeks of development. Therefore, we are very grateful!

Predator - Hunting Grounds

One of the main lessons from the article was that the game was fun to watch and play, which was rewarding to watch. Some other fast food helped us reassemble the next Monday and implement our 

pre-launch patch plan. In just four weeks, we learned that there was still some work to do, but we were ready. Fortunately, we were able to solve many problems that people faced.

We also covered a lot about balance, which was a major area of ​​feedback that we received, on both sides of the Predator and the Fireteam. You can visit the forums to see the full list of changes. Here's a look at some of the changes we've made that will affect the balance. For Fireteam, we created infill sites according to the task. Quick-shift controls now appear on the screen and many weapons 

Predator Hunting
Predator begins this Friday

adjustments have been made, regarding damage, etc. The Predator Self Destruct button made it easy for you to interact with it. However, there is an increasing difficulty in the puzzle of self-destruction. In addition, to isolate Predator's goals, he will not start 100% at the start of the game. We have also enabled the ability to switch moving weapons in Predkour and have made changes to various 

elements of the weapon, such as damage. One of the comments we've heard a lot about is the sounds of Predator's footsteps, and we've updated the Walk / Run Attenuation to make Predator lighter.
Finally, some additional problems that the community has provided us with comments such as 

connection times and notifications are also resolved, the interruption is now played by default, the microphone sound is no longer possible by default, and many other problems. Performance issues are always something we keep looking at and connecting with. This will continue, especially when we 

roll out the planned updates on the go, after launch. We have a plan! If you want to see the full list of 
patch notes, be sure to visit the forum here.

                                                Predator: Hunting Grounds - Gameplay Reveal | PS4

Post-launch Support

Speaking of the planned updates, we are considering the launch of Predator: Hunting Grounds. For IllFonic, this means that we can continue to abandon new content after it is launched. We already have a roadmap for this. In fact, you'll see the first content update - which will be free - being

released live in just one month. There will be more content updates after that. These will include many great surprises. This is partly why our community forums are so special to us. We listen to your comments and take them into consideration, whether they are bugs or comments about the game.

The four weeks were busy and there was no better way to party than to go fishing on Friday. After the weekend test, we all had withdrawals by running tests without the community. We create games that we love, and it means a lot when society loves them too! We will see you in the search on Friday 24! Oh, don't forget to pre-order the game for Predator 1987 if you haven't already.

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