Royole Launches New Flexible Display Technology in an Alexa Compatible Smart Speaker

The company behind one of the first foldable smartphones offers flexible display technology to a new product: amplifiers.

Royole Launches New Flexible Display Technology in an Alexa

Royole, the Chinese company that makes the foldable FlexPai smartphone, has unveiled Mirage, an 

Alexa-compatible headphones with a flexible 8-inch OLED display wrapped in CES. The amplifier is expected to go on sale later this year and will cost $ 899.


In theory, Mirage is similar to Royole's reaction to Amazon Echo Show. Instead of the square and square speaker, it is round with a screen that wraps around the front. It also has a built-in 5MP 

camera, although it is unclear whether the Mirage camera will work similarly to the Echo Show camera, which can be used for video calls.

Royole Launches New Flexible Display Technology

Fortunately for Royol, the amplifier appears to be much more accurate than the original FlexPai which we first saw in 2018. While the phone we saw had a buggy program and detailed that made audible cracking noise, the Mirage looked like the end product.

Royole Mirage Smart Speaker

In his press event at CES, the speaker only played a promotional video, but the sound was loud and clear, and the curved display and 'floating' design set it apart completely from the other speakers. It 

may sound a bit strange (most folding screens do this at this point), but it's not hard to imagine the company offering great use cases for Mirage's curved display, such as visualizations that change with music or animations that match timers.

Whether that is enough to bring people back to $ 899 is another question. Royole is used to placing its flexible screens in unexpected places - the company has already collaborated with Louis Vuitton on leather handbags that can display personalized photos and videos - so there is clearly a little appetite for a more premium speaker.

Royole Launches New Flexible Display
Royole prices

For Royole, Mirage is also an opportunity to present curved display technology. While many companies are still just prototype products with flexible screens, Royole has had a product on the market for over a year. And now, with Mirage, flexible screens prove to be more than just smartphones.

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