Will the price of corona treatment be affordable for patients

If approved, will the price of corona treatment be affordable for patients?

It may be the most powerful weapon against the emerging coronavirus, one of the drugs currently being tested in clinical trials, given that vaccine production may take a year or more.

Will the price of corona treatment be affordable for patients?
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A recent analysis shows that these drugs, which are currently under development and trial, can cost a daily dose of only one dollar, according to the science journal "Mag".


But this does not mean that the drug will reach pharmacies around the world at this price or a little more, for it requires a coordinated international effort to deliver the drug, if it is proven

successful, to its applicants, according to the magazine.

In addition to that, the manufacturers of any successful drug may set a high price for it in light of the urgent need globally for this drug, in addition to other reasons.

Scientists are currently conducting clinical trials on at least 12 possible treatments for the Coronavirus, and some medicines for treating the disease have been around for decades, such as malaria.

There are data that make it easier to estimate the cost of the minimum SK industry if one proves its efficacy, says Andrew Hill, a pharmacologist at the University of Liverpool, UK.

Hill and his colleagues used a strategy they had previously used in treating HIV and hepatitis C to estimate the price of the drugs expected.

They pointed out that 8 out of 9 drugs recommended for corona treatment cost less than 1.5 $ per person per day, and the full package can cost up to 30 $.

The Hill team could not estimate the cost of a single drug called "Tocilizumab", because it is only manufactured in small quantities.

The researchers concluded that all of these drugs are cheap in terms of manufacturing costs.
But the scientific journal says that these drugs are not always cheap, as some, especially those destined for previous diseases, are sold at prices up to 500 $.

Usually, these drugs are sold cheaply in countries such as India, Pakistan, and the United States, because the governments of these countries reduce the cost of the drug strictly.

Jessica Berry, the pharmacist who works for Doctors Without Borders, fears the price of Coronavirus treatments after legalization, which makes them out of reach of patients in the poorest countries.

She said that the rationing of medicines due to high prices and lack of supply may lead to a prolonged crisis of the Coronal virus.

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