Blade Pro 17 Razers high-end upgrades to Intels 10th generation

The circuit is somewhat complete for Razer that completes its 2020 update for Blade bands by announcing a more powerful Pro 17 update.

Blade Pro 17 Razers high-end upgrades to Intels 10th
Blade Pro 17 Razers high-end upgrades to Intels 10th

Blade Pro 17 was first of all designed as a desktop replacement, a heavier laptop than its cousins, and very different from the philosophy of working on the rest of the Razer range. 

The 17-inch screen takes more space, but it's also one of the elements that the manufacturer has focused on to ensure the range is updated.

4K at 120 Hz or 1080 pixels at 300 Hz?

Hence, the Blade Pro 17 screen is the most easily recognizable change. Previously, users had a choice between two 17.3-inch models in fact very similar: 

The most arriving was limited to 144Hz refresh when the most expensive rose to 240Hz, but still at 1080p. In Update 2020, the distinction between the two models is clearer and more logical.
On the one hand, a 1080p screen is capable of raising a refresh rate of up to 300 Hz, and on the other hand, the 4K model has very precise limits (6 millimeters) 

But is limited to 120 Hz. A second model also stands out for its haptic functions like those on Blade Stealth 13.
Of course, Razer has also upgraded the components included in Blade Pro 17, starting with the microprocessor. Intel remains in place, 

But then again, it is now a tenth-generation CPU to offer us the Core i7-10875 whose operating frequency can reach a maximum of 5.1GHz. 

Note that this allows us to gain 2 cores / 4 threads compared to the current range of Blade Pro 17.

Blade Pro 17 Razers
Blade Pro 17 Razers

Blade Pro 17 Razers

On the side of the graphics card, there are two possible solutions. The cheapest Blade Pro 17 will include NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER when the more expensive versions will be launched by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER. 
RAM stays fixed at 16GB, but user DDR4 goes to 2933MHz (compared to currently 2667MHz) and extension up to 64GB remains possible.

It is interesting to note that the three largest models of Blade Pro 17 have additional storage space as 512 GB SSD is present and at the lowest cost updates, 
It will be replaced by a 1 TB model with, in all cases, the ability to add SSD via the available M.2 extension.

There are hardly any other developments to report except for the same correction made to the other code: the up / down arrow keys are now smaller so that there is no longer any risk of making a mistake with the right shift key. 
Finally, note that we do not yet know European pricing for Blade Pro 17, but in North America, prices will be $ 2499.99, $ 3199.99, and $ 3799.99 depending on the level. equipment.

Its release could take place a little later, during the month of June.

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