Crucible the new free game from Amazon Game Studio, will be launched on May 20

Amazon is proud to announce the release of its cooperative shooter Crucible on May 20.

Crucible, the new free game from Amazon Game Studio
Crucible, the new free game from Amazon Game Studio - crucible game

A new free-to-play game developed by Amazon Game, which will soon be offered, free of charge, to PC players.

Crucible a free-to-play shooter made by Amazon - crucible game

Amazon announced the launch of the Crucible game on May 20, "free cooperative shooter", which was developed by Relentless Studios, the Amazon game development team.

In the first "big" game, the Amazon game is launched in the online shooter, with players being able to personify aliens, robots, humans, and collaborate in the hunt for the opposing team.

At launch, three game modes are available, including the Heart of the Hives mode, which pits two teams of four players.
Derrick Control, on the other hand, challenges two teams of eight players to reach and keep the Derricks spread over the map.

Finally, Alpha Hunters battle eight teams of two players who are fighting to be the last duo standing on the battlefield.

Crucible 3 game modes available - crucible game

Christoph Hartmann, Vice President of Amazon Game, said, “Every opponent, every team, and every mode presents unique dangers, and no match is like any other.

Players, therefore, have to constantly adapt to whatever the environment and other teams get in their way. 

We can't wait for the players to join the hunt in just a few weeks, and we can't wait to hear their thoughts. ”

Recall that this Crucible will be the first of two major titles from Amazon Game in 2020 since it will be followed by the game New World in August. 

Note that Relentless Studios is managed by a former Westwood Studios member, and has among its ranks "industry veterans with significant experience in companies such as Activision Blizzard, ArenaNet, Electronic Arts, and Xbox".

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