Google Assistant now supports controlling freezers and air coolers

Spring has arrived in the northern hemisphere and things are getting hot outside, which means many of us are looking for ways to cool inside. 

Google Assistant
Google Assistant

To help you, Google now allows developers to integrate Google Assistant with freezers and air coolers.
The IoT list of things appears to be endless and continues to grow, as Google Assistant recently received general support for routers, smart TVs, and remote controls. 

Google Assistant

The last two types of devices to add to the official Google Assistant developer documentation are freezers and air coolers.

Given that Google Assistant has long been able to handle smart refrigerators, it's a little surprising that it takes a long time to support this freezer. 

Google recommends that all Smart Freezers provide the assistant with the ability to switch modes, manage temperature, turn the power on and off.

When it comes to air coolers, everyone admits, I've never heard about an air cooler before today, and I haven't tested the difference between an air cooler and an air conditioning system. Fortunately, Google explains the differences in the documentation.

As always, don't expect to buy a smart refrigerator or air cooler with support from Google Assistant very early. 

It is simply an update of developer documentation and custom device types, and it aims to help companies create assistant support for their future devices.

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