How to change passcode skip Face ID to enter passcode

With Apple iPhones relying on Face ID for security, the epidemic created a more clumsy experience because masks create problems with facial recognition. 

change passcode skip Face ID to enter passcode

Since most users have to enter their passwords every time they unlock their iPhone, follow the steps to change your passcode to a shorter code, go straight from Face ID to enter your passcode, and some other tips and tricks.

Apple face ID

Below, we have three tips to make using your iPhone with Face ID (and even iPhone with Touch ID) more convenient while wearing a mask.

Consider options such as changing your password to a shorter code and prolonging the automatic lock time will reduce the objective security of your device. 

However, it may be useful for the time it takes to enter your access code less / to get easier to enter the access code. Consider personal security/privacy priorities and continue at your own risk.

As for skipping directly to enter your password, there is no downside to that when Face ID cannot be used. There is an alternative solution to teaching Face ID to recognize you when wearing a mask, but it is not a safe solution.

iPhone: How to change the passcode, skip Face ID to enter a passcode, change auto-lock

  1. If you have a custom alphanumeric or 6-digit passcode, opting for 4-digit may be worthwhile in the current circumstances (again, it is less secure but may be worth the trade-off for a more convenient experience for the short-term)
  2. Head to Settings then Face ID & Passcode
  3. Enter your current passcode, then swipe down and tap Change Passcode
  4. Enter your current passcode again, then tap Passcode Options
  5. Choose 4-Digit Numeric Code (or custom if you’d like - a minimum of 2 characters required)
  6. Enter your new passcode two times to set it

passcode skip Face ID to enter passcode
Change passcode skip Face ID to enter a passcode

How to skip Face ID to enter passcode right away

When iOS 13.5 is made public, it won't be necessary because your iPhone should automatically recognize if you're wearing a mask and ask for your password, but that's a handy shortcut until then.

  1. If you're wearing a mask, after swiping up on your iPhone screen, quickly tap the face identification text that appears in the middle of your screen.
  2. You will be immediately redirected to the access code entry screen
  3. Change your iPhone auto-lock time

Having your iPhone go to sleep more quickly means entering your passcode more often. One way to reduce the need to enter your passcode is by extending the auto-lock time.

  1. Head to Settings> Display & Brightness
  2. Toward the bottom of your screen, tap Auto-Lock
  3. Pick a longer duration or even Never if you’d like
  4. Again keep in mind this means less security / greater battery drain but more convenience, make the best decision for your own circumstances (and at your own risk)

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