How to set up Google Stadia on your smartphone

Google Stadia, the game streaming service that can make your console or computer redundant, is now available on smartphones.

Set up Google Stadia on your smartphone
Google stadia

Some Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Asus ROG, and Razer phones are compatible at the time of writing this report, but this list will only grow over time. There is currently no compatibility with the Apple iPhone suite.

Google stadia

If you are a player who wants to access Google Stadia on your phone, you are lucky, because, unlike televisions where you will need a Stadia console, you can use the phone app with a PS4 or Xbox One console.

The process of connecting the gamepad to your smartphone and then complying with Stadia can be a little complicated, so we designed this guide to help you with all the steps of the process.

How to set up the Google Stadia app

On your compatible smartphone, go to the Play Store and download the Google Stadia app. It shouldn't be too difficult, you probably know how to get apps on your phone. 

Note that if you don't have any type of Google account, it may be more convenient to set it up at and log into the app afterward.

In the application, you should be able to see the Google Stadia interface and all the games you have purchased. 

Whether you play Stadia on your phone or not, you need to download the app to play games and browse the library, so this should be very familiar.

It should be noted that you must purchase a Google Stadia Premiere package to play on the mobile (unless you have a promotional code), which must include the console, as it comes with three months of Stadia Pro. 

But in case you are still waiting for it to come, leave it somewhere or want your familiar console, we will also include instructions for connecting other consoles.

How to connect a controller to your smartphone

You cannot play Google Stadia on smartphones with your fingers, you need a controller. If you already have a console, it is easy, but if not, you may need to purchase a Stadia console online.

Not many people know that you can connect a game board to your smartphone, but it's actually very simple and also useful if you are a portable player. 

You can connect to a DualShock 4 console (from PS4) and Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles (no need to guess where they came from), or a real Google Stadia console. 

The Switch Pro console, as well as the keyboard and mouse, will not work, although you can use it for Stadia on computers.

One of the options for connecting your console to your smartphone is via a USB connection, and it should be noted that this is the only option for Stadia, Xbox 360, and Xbox One Elite controllers, as it will not work with Bluetooth. We were told that the first one will have a Bluetooth connection soon.

Since your smartphone will have a USB-C or micro USB port, you will need an adapter before connecting your console, which will most likely have a USB 3.0 socket that you will use to charge it to the console. You will have to shop for this, but this should allow stable communication.

Another option that you need to connect your smartphone to your controller is Bluetooth, which works with the PS4 console as well as the standard Xbox One and Xbox Adaptive consoles. Make sure to disconnect your console from your console before trying to operate it on your smartphone.

Set up Google Stadia on your smartphone
Stadia controller

Put your console in pairing mode: you can do this by holding down the Options and PS button on the PS4 console (the latter is the small round central button, not the large trackpad), or on the Xbox console simply by pressing the Synchronize button for a few seconds.

On your smartphone, find the Bluetooth menu by swiping down from the top and pressing and holding the Bluetooth icon. 

Make sure your device is in scan mode, by pressing "scan" if it isn't already doing so, and the wireless controller should appear.

It should be noted that you sometimes have to press wipe, deactivate and reactivate Bluetooth several times, as this is not always an easy pairing process. 

The console will also stop trying to pair after a while if the pairing has not been successful, so if you are not successful, be sure to try again. 

After a while, if the console is not actually paired with the console, the console and the phone must be paired. Now to operate the console with Google Stadia.

How to get your controller working on Google Stadia

Even if you can pair your console with your phone, it's not always easy to get Google Stadia to recognize it. We recommend making sure to update your smartphone to its latest version, which will be Android 10.

In the Google Stadia app, tap on the console icon in the upper right corner of the screen (right next to the account icon. 

If your phone is up to date and the console is paired correctly, you should see the console here, and you can select it to pair devices.

It is worth noting that in our testing operations we had problems in this step, but the update to Android 10 solved the problem. 

Google says you must be on the latest operating system to use Bluetooth connectivity, although we have heard reports from people on Android 9 who have successfully used a USB connection to do this anyway.

Anyway, we recommend upgrading to Android 10 for its features only, and all officially compatible smartphones have the upgrade anyway, so there's no reason to stick to it. To Android 9.

If all works, the app should now recognize your PS4, Xbox, or Stadia controller, and you can jump straight to your game. 

If you need a suggestion on what to play, we have a list of the best Google Stadia games to check, and more being added all the time.

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