How to use the Houseparty app privately

The lock, due to the spread of the coronavirus, has detonated the popularity of Houseparty. Houseparty not only allows you to make video calls with up to eight people at a time, 

Houseparty app
Houseparty app

But the fun part is that it also allows you to play games like Pictionary, Trivia, and others while making the call.

Houseparty app

However, the app requests all kinds of app permissions when logging in for the first time. It requests sufficient access to notify you when a member of your contacts joins Houseparty and every time he calls the app. 

The app also takes permission to access your sites. Most people tend to allow access to most things when creating an account for the first time. However, if persistent notifications are bothering you now too, here are some ways to use the app more specifically:

How to video call privately on Houseparty

  1. Open the Houseparty app and tap on the face emoji icon placed in the top left corner
  2. Tap on the Settings icon on the top left corner
  3. Turn on the toggle for private mode

Now all of your conversations will be private, and even if you're alone in the app, you can decide who you want to make a video call with, and no friends can be added to the video call. "Locked room" is what he calls it.

You can also deactivate the "Send my notifications" and "Receive notification from my friends" keys for more confidentiality, otherwise, it will warn your friends each time you start using the application.

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