Jlab Audio Go Air

Apple's removal of the headphone jack from its iPhones three years ago sparked a wave of new Bluetooth headsets. 

Jlab Audio Go Air review
Jlab Audio Go Air review

There are now many wireless headphones to choose from, but you have to spend a lot of money on them. It's always hard to find a decent husband for under $ 50. That's why I'm excited about the new JLab Go Air.

JLab Audio Go Air

These headphones can cost $ 30 twice as much. They have a sleek and light design, battery life compatible with Apple AirPods, and a real sweat-resistant indicator (lacking AirPods). These are the new affordable headphones to beat.

Jlab audio  - Good Looks

Unlike many inexpensive discoveries on Amazon of unrecognizable companies, GoAir arouses admiration in proportion and in the finish. It's not a complete shock, JLab has built its brand by offering some of the best products for money, and acts as a valuable alternative to other more expensive headphones.

For example, JLab Air Sport is listed in the Guide to the Best Exercise Headphones - Compete with the Most Expensive Beats Solo Pro (8/10, WIRED Recommends). JLab even makes golf heads that beat AirPods at a lower price. 

But unlike other wired models, the new Go Air has a more original design. The small rectangular buttons are the smallest the company has ever made and are among the lightest and most comfortable I have tested.

Jlab audio
Jlab audio

It's securely locked in an open cargo case - the first `` convertible '' box I've ever seen. It looks great and the magnets that hold the helmet in place are solid, but I'm afraid I'm in my pocket or bag because the case tends to collect lint and other waste.

I love the coverless charging unit with a built-in USB-A cable that folds close to the bottom, so you never have to look for one when the headphones need to charge. The speaker also contains enough juice for the headphones to work for an additional 15 hours.

Jlab audio - Solid Performance

You won't get the same level of noise cancellation, high call quality, or a little longer battery life than the more expensive wireless headphones provide, but Go Air does everything we can. Modern headphones want to do.

They have raised the touch controls included in the logo outside each button, which means that you are unlikely to accidentally hang music while tuning the headset. It's also great to come with a real IP rating, which means you don't have to think twice before wiping it after a long workout.

In terms of sound, they do the job. Go Air looks warm and energetic but lacks the refined clarity of more expensive models such as 1 more stylish (another pair under $ 100 we love), but they totally crush it in the bass section.

                                                                                source: JLabAudio

The big zig-zag dress makes them happy to work with and the built-in silicone tips lock the outside world well. This bass weighs some of the smallest details in your music; I wouldn't pick these heads if I wanted to savor all the nuances of the New York Orchestra, but to blow up the MF Doom while burping in quarantine? at all.

If you are looking for sound quality for less than $ 30, you are barking the wrong tree. This is supposed to be an essential tool that allows you to listen to your music comfortably on the go without leaving a hole in your wallet, and Go Air does just that.

Jlab audio - Low Cost, Low Stress

What I like most about Go Air is the little pressure I want to take everywhere. I often come across expensive sprouts from big brands and I'm always a little impatient to take them with me all over the city. It's so small that I'm afraid to leave the bag somewhere or drop one on the sidewalk.

Go Air offers peace of mind as it costs around a large pizza pie to order via Postmates. I can go back by buying an occasional pie. Especially now. Remember that if you lose the AirPod, it will be replaced by $ 69.

Are they significantly worse than the hundreds of the most expensive heads on the market? In terms of daily use, not really. 

Anyone who doesn't stop buying completely with the highest quality sound imaginable in Go Air. In fact, if you're the type who owns AirPods and want a lower pair of headphones for inexpensive exercise, 

This could also be a worthy addition. After all, Apple's much more expensive headphones don't come with silicone headphones or an IP rating.

With Go Air, you don't have to tell everyone who asks for basic headphones to spend more than $ 50.

Source: Jlab audio

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