Microsoft unveils new supercomputer built for artificial intelligence

The device is specifically designed for OpenAI, an association that tries to create general AI.

Microsoft unveils new supercomputer

Microsoft - One of the five most powerful computers in the world 

Microsoft announced during a "Build" conference for developers that it has completed building a supercomputer, according to the company, among the five most powerful devices on the planet. 

The device has more than 285,000 CPU cores, 10,000 GPUs, and 400 Gbps connections per GPU server. It is hosted in Microsoft Cloud, Azure.

A machine specially designed for OpenAI 

The supercomputer is for use by OpenAI. Founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs Sam Altman and Elon Musk (who has since left), it is a non-profit association specializing in research on artificial intelligence. 

Its goal is to make sure that technology benefits all of humanity, and thus is prevented from being owned by a few powerful companies. To do this, it strives to develop research in an open and collaborative manner.

Microsoft unveils new supercomputer
Microsoft unveils new supercomputer

Creating a general artificial intelligence 

Last year Microsoft invested $ 1 billion in OpenAI, aiming to build a machine that could allow the organization to test advanced AI models. It is now over. 

These models are extremely greedy in terms of computing power and therefore require powerful performance machines, especially for advanced research, such as those sought by OpenAI. 

One of its goals is to actually build general artificial intelligence capable of reproducing human intelligence. 

In this perspective, he especially practices his algorithms to beat human players in games like Starcraft II, a task that the new public computer will undoubtedly prove extremely useful for.

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