Oculus Jedi details on new controllers leak in an update

The "Jedi" consoles, which must accompany the release of the new Oculus "Del Mar" virtual reality headset, have been leaked through a pilot program discovered in the latest Oculus Quest drivers. 

Oculus Jedi details on new controllers
Oculus Jedi details on new controllers

The opportunity to learn more about it.

On March 19, 2020, information unintentionally posted on the Oculus developer documentation website revealed the existence of a new independent virtual reality headset: “Del Mar”, codenamed “Del Mar”. 

Next to him, new VR consoles, "Oculus Jedi". But about them, little technical and visual information has leaked onto the web to date ...

A design similar to the Touch?

In fact, the Twitter RGB Schemes account, which was migrated by the UploadVR specialist site, discovered a "Jedi" controller pilot in the latest Oculus Quest firmware, revealing the first hardware details.

Have these new elements been published by chance, or do they imply a future agreement between the pursuit and the "my grandfather"? This is the whole question.

Oculus Jedi
Oculus Jedi

The fact is that these controllers are equipped with an analog stick located at the thumb level, an index stimulator and a middle finger, the A, B, X, and Y buttons, as well as the menu button. 

Logically, the idea would be to introduce consoles without much sophistication: otherwise, developers would need to update their apps so that they work in Quest, and in the future "Del Mar", specifies UploadVR.

More details for the 2020 F8?

The American media also reports haptic improvements and better monitoring of the controller. But beware: all the elements presented are not engraved in marble and could still undergo adjustments.

                                                                        source: IGN

More details on these new devices should quickly point to the tip of their noses. The F8 2020 virtual conference, organized from 5 to 6 May, could also be the perfect opportunity to tackle the subject ...

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