PayPal application now allows you to pay using a QR code

The service thus presents a new way of paying without contact.

PayPal office

Contactless payment QR code

PayPal now has a QR code function, which allows you to pay to merchants without having to withdraw cash or their credit card. 

This limits the interaction between customers and sellers to make shopping safer in this period of social communication. 

This feature is available in 28 different countries, including France, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and the United States.

Towards generalizing payment without contact? 

The app allows you to pay by simply pointing the smartphone's camera to the merchant's QR code, whether printed or shown on another screen. 

While many countries are cautiously beginning to reopen their businesses, much effort is being made to allow life to resume its path while reducing the risk of a second wave of pollution. 

In this context, these tools, which allow traders to resume their activity while reducing customer contact, are likely to become more popular in the coming weeks.

PayPal  QR code
PayPal  QR code 

A tool adapted to the health crisis

In early May, P.G.G. PayPal Dan Shulman said in an interview with MarketWatch that he expected to see increased demand for contactless payment tools during the epidemic and that his company would introduce new tools to do so. 

Contactless payment applications are among the few players that benefit from the current conditions. Square saw, for example, an increase in the volume of its transactions by 14% in the first quarter compared to the same period last year. 

Long made in China with apps like WeChat Pay or AliPay, mobile payment took longer to invade western countries. Coronavirus and the resulting measures can make a difference ...

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