Raspberry unveils an official photo module with interchangeable lenses at $ 55

Raspberry Foundation adds a new photo unit to its accessories list. Named after "Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera", it is an interchangeable lens unit with a 12.3-megapixel sensor signed by Sony.

Raspberry  unveils an official photo module
Raspberry official photo module

Raspberry Pi

Today's HQ Photo Module is available from most distributors for around € 50 or $ 55, and enriches the official accessories catalog for Raspberry Pi, significantly notching the PiCamera models that benefit respectively from the 5 and 8-megapixel resolution.

High definition camera that increases the possibilities tenfold

With a 7.9 mm Sony IMR477R backlit sensor with a resolution of 12.3 Mp for a pixel size of 1.55 μm × 1.55 μm, the RPi HQ will undoubtedly increase the possibilities for makers who will integrate it into their project.

Accepting interchangeable lenses with C and CS mounts through an adapter, this photo module represents a great leap forward compared to the PiCamera v2 and thus seems all the more suitable for professional use, in a project of remote monitoring for example. 

It should also be noted that the architecture of the backlit sensor gives us a much better sensitivity here, an advantage that should allow a gain in quality for capturing images in low light.

Raspberry Pi 4
Raspberry Pi

A range of interchangeable lenses starting at $ 25

Available today from most retailers, and comes with an FPC cable, an aluminum mount with a tripod mount, a built-in focus ring, and a C-to-CS mount adapter (not vice versa), however, the RPi HQ photo module arrives without a lens.

The Raspberry Foundation, however, has selected a range of products that start at $ 25 for a 6mm and 3MP lens, and up to $ 50 for the 16mm and 10MP lens.

In addition, nothing prevents you from choosing your own lens, the mount adapter allowing the attachment of third-party adapters and thus allowing a wide choice of lenses.

Raspberry Pi 4 lenses
Raspberry Pi 4 lenses

To top it off, the Raspberry Foundation has just published a new comprehensive guide (132 pages) throw Raspberry Pi Press. Available in a physical version for £ 10, it is also free to download in PDF format.

There are many tips to start and learn how to use the Raspberry Pi with the new photo module, as well as explanations and tutorials to achieve multiple projects: Time-lapse photography, surveillance, live-stream, and so on. In summary, a highly educational guide!

Source: Raspberry Pi

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