Reddit Launches Chat Tool for Subreddits

Reddit is gradually introducing a new chat tool for its sub-programs. This will allow a small group of users, randomly assembled, to chat in a private room. The new feature is titled "start chatting".

Reddit Launches Chat Tool

To use it, just visit the subreddit page, on your mobile phone or desktop, and click "Start Chat" under the name of the sub-modification to be contacted by a maximum of seven other investigators.

Reddit - Resuscitate the old IRC chat rooms

The new functionality is already available on popular subreddits like r / funny or r / aww. Once the editor clicks "start chatting", the social network randomly puts him in contact with other users of the same subreddit. If you leave the conversation, it will still be available via the "Chat" tab of the site, which groups all of your private messages.

The "start chatting" functionality will be posted throughout the week on 16,000 subreddits considered safe to work - understanding subreddits are not sexual in nature. It is thus added to the “chat rooms” of some subreddits, which all editors can join to discuss one topic or another together.

Reddit social network

Reddit is not the only social network focused on cat development. At the end of January, Facebook realized that it wanted to prioritize developing its messaging services, whether WhatsApp or Messenger, over the Facebook app itself, which seemed to have had its day.

The company last week announced the launch of its messaging rooms, its video conferencing service.

Source: The verge

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