Tetris VR is now available on Oculus Quest

Tetris Effect, the reality-reality trilogy play, surpasses Tetris in 2018 by people like ... Me, now on Oculus Quest. 

Tetris VR is now available on Oculus
Tetris VR

The game was originally released on PlayStation 4 and arrived on Epic Games on PC last year. Tetris Effect is one of the most popular VR games on the market and Oculus Quest is my favorite VR headset, so I would like to describe this as good news.

Tetris effect oculus

I spent some time with the Quest version, well, it's Tetris Effect on the Quest. It certainly had a slight visual hit during the transition to the three-year-old mobile, but it still looks pretty clear on Quest's OLED screen. 

As with all other mission games, it's great to play wirelessly and be able to jump instantly with minimal noise.

The biggest thing I had to get used to was the controls. Oculus touch controllers don't have D panels and only use analog sticks for directional movement, which isn't the perfect way to play a game like Tetris that takes advantage of precise digital input. 

The implementation is tolerant and I did not feel it was a problem after a while, but I think I will be a little worse in the rankings of this version when I get to the next steps.

Another thing that you drop with the Quest version, of course, is the ability to play it on a flat-screen. I love Tetris Effect as much as in 2D as in VR on PS4 and PC; It is a different experience, neither better nor worse. 

Tetris VR is  available on Oculus Quest
Tetris VR now on Oculus Quest

Virtual reality is much more immersed, of course, but there is a lot to say about watching HD fireworks flying around a 4K TV as music spills from the speakers. (Note that for $ 29.99, the game is $ 10 cheaper on Quest compared to other platforms.)

Tetris VR

Quest's version of the Tetris Effect does not have cross-purchase compatibility with Oculus, possibly due to the one-year exclusive Epic Games store on a PC version. In theory, 

The Quest version could eventually reach the Oculus Rift Store, which should allow better visuals even on Quest when played via the Oculus Link cable, although it's still only a game in VR.

Perhaps the first and only version of the Tetris effect should not be for most people. Many Oculus Quest owners will also have a PS4 or a computer capable of playing the game, and these options will give them a more beautiful and varied experience. 

                                                      Source: Tetris Effect  Oculus Quest

But Quest is a unique piece of hardware that I can see a lot of Tetris Effect fans multiply - and if Quest is really your only choice, 

I definitely recommend this port. Tetris Effect is a game I always personally want to be able to play, and the truly portable VR version is a gift.

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