The Raspberry Pi 4 finally supported by RetroPie

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Raspberry Pi 4 finally supported by RetroPie

The RetroPie team has just announced that the project has been moved to Raspberry Pi 4. Support is still in beta at the moment with version 4.6 of RetroPie.

The ad has been waiting for a while, and it's now official: RetroPie developers announced Raspberry Pi 4 support, less than a year after it was released. 

Thus, the replay emulation platform is the third to ensure compatibility with Pi 4, after Lakka 2.3.2 and Batocera 4.6, which are also currently in beta; only RecalBox is currently missing from the party!

RetroPie formalizes Pi 4 support

Therefore, RetroPie adds a string to its bracket, providing nostalgic players the ability to run the OS on the nanoscale

Which has improved significantly in performance and functionality compared to its predecessors, for a price that is still very similar?

The wait may seem like a long wait for some, so they may have resorted to an alternative solution, but the team behind the project has made it clear that "RetroPie has been working on Raspberry Pi 4 for some time, 

For those who want to install it manually or try an upgrade version", further explaining that Team members preferred "wait until you are satisfied with Raspberry Pi 4 support before releasing new images."

In a blog post, they also explain that Raspberry Pi 4 support requires switching to Raspbian Buster instead

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi 

Instead of the previous image of Raspbian Strech, which is no longer officially supported by Raspberry Pi Trading Ltd. However, the development is smooth as RetroPie will continue to support Stretch, whose support will gradually stop by the end of the year.

Note that support for Raspberry Pi 4 is still in progress Beta with RetroPie 4.6. If most packages seem to work

There are still things that need improvement, and user feedback will benefit the team for the rest of the work.

A novelty that does not happen alone

In addition to supporting Pi 4, version 4.6 includes a large number of improvements and fixes. Among the most important, we note

For example, updates from RetroArch to v1.8.5 and EmulationStation update to v2.9.1, each bringing its own bundle of new features. To learn more and learn about all the improvements in this release, visit the official RetroPie website.

The team also prepared a page where we find it at a glance, all the platforms, and simulations provided with RetroPie.

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