Video game streaming in full swing thanks to containment

We finally have numbers to support the number of wildcards we have seen in the live broadcast since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and closure - which is huge. 

Video game streaming
Video game streaming 

According to StreamElements and Arsenal. gg, the live broadcast sector grew 45% between March and April; Year after year, the industry is up 99 percent. 

Video game

What is really impressive - these gains are directly attributable to the new Coronavirus.

I've been writing for some time on these virtual pages about how current global barriers have been a boon to live broadcasting platforms. 

If you are inside, you are most likely connected to the Internet. Now that many of the experiences we used to enjoy personally have switched to live broadcasts - Zoom conferences, Twitch parties, and the launch of all virtual books - platforms have recently become a culturally important space in the mainstream. This means more people are watching live broadcasting than ever before.

Although gains were achieved in all areas, they were not distributed evenly. Twitch - the largest live streaming platform - experienced the fastest growth in hours, as its watches jumped 50% between March and April and 101% year on year. It now reaches 1.645 billion watch hours per month.

Video game streaming

Focus on Twitch for a moment: The biggest platform game during the reporting period was Valorant, which solidified its launch around Twitch streamers. 

The site-drop mechanism - where viewers had to watch streams to access the game in beta - generated 334 million hours of watching on Twitch in April, making it the biggest category on the platform. 

The next step was Just Chat, with 134 million highly respectable hours in April - bigger than League of Legends and Fortnite. This is good news for Twitch as she tries to develop non-player feeds. Fortnite also has good news: 

It has been increasing monthly since January, which could put an end to the idea that the game is on its deathbed. 

But the biggest growth came from the flow of musicians to Twitch. The music and performing arts category on Twitch have seen her hours work four times, year after year, as many groups have joined the site to mitigate the impact of lost flight revenue due to the epidemic.

Video game streaming
Video game streaming

Another big winner was Facebook Gaming, which grew 72% between March and April and jumped 238% last year. 

(YouTube Gaming increased 14% from March to April and 65% year on year. Mixer increased 15% in the same months and 0.2% year on year.) The growth of the industry comes mainly from Twitch and YouTube, which are still the biggest space players.

What remains to be seen, of course, is whether these numbers are flexible - whether people will revert to their old viewing habits once it is finished.

(Although it doesn't seem likely for a while.) More than anything else, these numbers explain how important live streaming is when the industry isn't competing with real-life for your attention. We are at the start of a great online experience, and we can't wait to see what happens next. On the Internet, I mean.

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