Xbox One S Review Affordable 4K Entertainment

Xbox One S is the cheapest mid-cycle update from Microsoft Xbox One, as it supports 4K multimedia support and a better name for Xbox. 

Xbox One S
Xbox One S

On the hardware side, miniaturization is aimed at bypassing PlayStation 4, which is smaller and more accurate than the original Xbox One. In terms of software, 

Xbox one S

Xbox One S is Microsoft's standard for Windows 10. While older Xbox One consoles can be updated with the same software, there's still a lot of confusion about how Windows 10 and Xbox work together. The updated console is set for clarity.

The heavy load falls on the shoulders of this console and is too heavy for an increased upgrade. Sony has not only launched the "Thin" PlayStation 4, but also a significantly improved version of its console, 

PlayStation 4 Pro. Microsoft also has a high-power Xbox One X, which happens to be the most powerful console at the moment, but Xbox One S is the much cheaper alternative.

Despite its low price, with interesting new features like Game Pass that complement Microsoft's vision for Xbox One, One S has neither the expected improvements from a console upgrade nor the start of a new generation.

Xbox One S affordable 4k entertainment
Xbox One S affordable 4k entertainment

Smaller, but not that small

We loved the original Xbox One appearance, and we thought it held out better visually than the PlayStation 4, which doesn't quite look like its embarrassing corners. However, in practice, 

Xbox One had a huge problem. It was amazing - the biggest thing most people put into a home entertainment locker regardless of the audio/video receiver.

Microsoft solved this problem by reducing the Xbox One S by 40%. Sounds good, right? But the number is untrue. The box is only a few inches narrower and shorter than the original inch. The power source is now also internal.

Reducing less than expected means the new Xbox will catch up with the slender PlayStation 4 game. Xbox One S is wider and taller, but not as deep.

While the new Xbox isn't as small as the numbers look, it's undoubtedly appealing. It is simple, uniform, and simple, with clean, clear lines. The original two-sided design of the original returns here - half of the Xbox One S is flat, while the other half is engraved with exhaust vents.

Unlike the original, the ventilated half uses a grid of dimples in place of the diagonal slides. It reminds of pixels and feels like at home on a gaming console. 

There is a large cut of the fan facing upwards that slightly spoils the visible appearance from the top but, due to its location, it is difficult to notice when it "was placed in the A / V cabinet. 

Most people will only consider the Xbox One S from the front, and from this angle, it's easily prettier. A controller in this generation.

Xbox One S affordable 4k entertainment
Xbox One S

Fun and functional

The original Xbox One can be annoying to interact with due to the touch power button. Other buttons, such as the console sync button, were physical but improperly placed.

Fortunately, Xbox One S solves these problems. The interface includes a physical power button, a console sync button, and a disk eject button. Easy to find and use, even in the dark media room. 

There is also a USB 3.0 port in advance - a bit disappointing. However, PlayStation 4 contains two. Finally, the lower right corner hides the infrared blaster, which can be used to control other infrared devices via your Xbox One S by duplicating the infrared signal that these devices recognize.

On the back, Xbox One S includes two HDMI ports (one incoming and one outgoing), two other USB 3.0 ports (one for Kinect), S / PDIF, and Ethernet.

In general, the connection is almost identical to the original, with one notable exception. Xbox One S drops the dedicated Kinect port. You will need a USB adapter to connect the previous Kinect to the new console. 

Regardless of the boredom of having to get an adapter (Microsoft distributes it for free, at least if you contact Xbox support), this change means Kinect users already have a lower USB port than before.

However, Xbox One offers more connectivity than PlayStation 4. Microsoft has presented Xbox One as a solution for everything from games to television. While it can be debated as to whether its features have kept up with the trend, it's still something the PlayStation 4 isn't trying to emulate.

Once again, a console under-cuts Blu-ray players

While previous Xbox One consoles were limited to 1080p video output for games and video, Xbox One S adds support for 4K video, as well as a 4K Blu-ray player that neither on PlayStation 4 nor on PlayStation 4 Pro.

For clarity, 4K resolution support does not affect games. It will be provided with the same image buffer as before. But unlike the original system, Xbox One S is able to output the original 4K for the interface, as well as the media. 

You can play 4K Blu-ray and HDR on the new and advanced UltraHD TV you purchased or you can charge Netflix for 4K stream.

HDR, for "High Dynamic Range", on the other hand, will work and provide an improvement in image quality if your TV supports HDR. However, HDR blends strangely with the 1080p lens in this console because HDR TVs also offer 4K resolution. In this case, Xbox One X will have more meaning.

Xbox One S 4k entertainment
Xbox One S 4k entertainment

4K support is pretty much not noticed once it's turned on - and that's good. You can set Xbox One S to 4K output and leave it there without worrying about your source content. 4K movies have the detail you expect, but the games - which are shown again with the resolution originally designed for - are as beautiful as they will be on the 1080p display. Even the pixel art style in Hyper Light Drifter was remarkably sharp.

This will make the Xbox One incredibly attractive to anyone with a 4K screen. Ultra-thin standalone Blu-ray players are still few in number and those available are very expensive. 

Ultra 4K Blu-ray players can cost anywhere from $ 200 to $ 249 for sale at reasonable prices. That suddenly makes the Xbox One S, which regularly costs $ 200, an economical purchase.

Strangely, a full console could have undermined the custom media players, but that has already happened. Some players may remember that PlayStation 3, the first console with a Blu-ray player, undermined most loyal players when it was released. 

The Xbox One S takes the same trick, and for that reason alone, it should grab the attention of all home theater enthusiasts.

It's still an Xbox One

Xbox One S is a new design, but not an entirely new console. Regardless of the above, everything remains the same.

its a problem. The Xbox One sold poorly, compared to the PlayStation 4, for a simple reason. Most games will run on any console, but Sony is more powerful and games a little better. Sony also offers exclusive first-rate deals that Xbox will never see.

Xbox One S does nothing to solve this problem. It's a little faster due to the high clock speeds on the GPU and its associated ESRAM. 

Xbox One S 4k
Xbox One S 

This is enough to make up for a few extra frames in titles that run at an unlocked frame rate and can relieve rip in some games, but the difference isn't noticeable in gameplay. 

We all know all these thanks to Eurogamer Digital Foundry, which is one of the few flyers equipped to do console frame analysis. Microsoft has not said anything about improving game performance in its official Xbox One S guide.

Microsoft lost this generation of the so-called “console wars.” The Xbox One S did nothing to change that fact.

Should you buy it?

Maybe no. The Xbox One S is an aging console that won’t make sense for most gamers with a new generation on the way.

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