Xbox One X review everything you need to know

When Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X, an upgraded version of the Xbox One, at an alarming price of $ 500, it said the new hardware would be "the most powerful console ever built". 

Xbox One X
Xbox One X review

Years later, with the console on hand, we can make sure that Xbox One X fulfills that promise. Well, at least until the Xbox Series X comes out later this year, of course. However, strength does not always translate into improvements. 

Xbox one x

The loyal and potential Xbox fans of PS4 are keen to know - Is the new Xbox already improving new and old games?

Short answer? This does.

Every game we played, whether it got the improved Xbox One X board or not, drastically improved the performance of Xbox One and Xbox One S. 

It does it regardless of your configuration - though the gain is more obvious if you have a 4K HDR10 TV.

Although the games look and work better, the differences aren't so great that you can't do without them. Like its PlayStation counterpart, the PS4 Pro, it is aimed at players who cannot afford a second-tier experience. 

However, Xbox One X is now the best console for most cross-platform gaming in terms of power up to the next generation.

Xbox One X review
Xbox One X 

Xbox one x - Inside the black box

Xbox One X is an improvement in the design of Xbox One. It is, as Microsoft has repeatedly stated, 40% smaller than the original Xbox One. It's roughly the same size as the Xbox One S, although a bit denser at 8.4 pounds. 

However, don't let the "40% smaller" number fool you. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is roughly the same size and the PS4 Slim is always smaller.

We prefer matte black for Xbox One X over white Xbox One S, which tends to show more wear over time. We also prefer a fan mode. 

The sides of the device are covered with small hidden air vents, unlike the One S, which has many large fan holes over half of its housing. This makes it easy to stack the Xbox One X with other devices without restricting the airflow.

You will not buy the Xbox One X because of its shape. As noted, the Xbox One X has the most impressive console yet. 

It has a basic processor at 86 GHz 2.3 GHz x86, a dedicated AMD graphics processor that can run 6 teraflops and 12 GB of DDR5 RAM. Even compared to the PS4 Pro, it's a lot of graphics processing power. Pro, which is much more powerful than the standard PS4, has a GPU that has 4.2 TFLOPS and only 8 GB of RAM.

The only disappointing device on the Xbox One X is the terabyte hard drive. Getting twice as much space as the standard Xbox One model is an improvement, but it's still not enough storage for anyone who frequently buys games online. 

Even if you download Xbox Live games in gold, the editor saves every month, most players will fill up this hard drive in no time. Worse, 4K resources and uncompressed audio files can inflate the size of game files - we've recently seen many games easily bypass the 100 GB mark - so it's fair to say that some big games will consume that much disk space. quickly.

Xbox One X review 2020
Xbox One X controller

Xbox one x - Still a solid home theater device

The One X keeps all the ports on the Xbox One S, and for players who prefer to buy games from the store, it has a 4K UHD Blu-Ray player. 

The console has HDMI input and output if you want to filter the Xbox TV service and use Cortana to switch channels instead of the remote control. This feature works just like the One S - we still prefer a remote control. 

You'll also find three USB 3.0 ports - two at the back, one at the front - which can be helpful if you want to take advantage of the newly added mouse and keyboard support on the console or an external hard drive connection. To store more games. 

Finally, there are IR and S / PDIF output ports for advanced surround sound configurations, and of course a good old Ethernet port.

Most of the features above do not directly contribute to games, but they can be useful in setting up a home theater. We loved how the Xbox One S worked as a 4K UHD Blu-Ray player, game console, and TV box. Xbox One X can do the same. 4K Blu-Ray and HDMI Arcade are features you won't find on any PS4.

The console also supports advanced surround sound options, such as Dolby Atmos. The Atmos, which bounces sound on walls and ceilings to simulate the effect of sound transmission, can be incredible, but the Atmos surround sound system is very expensive. 

There are headphones, including gaming headsets, that simulate the experience but are rare.

Like the Xbox One S, One X does not have a dedicated Kinect port. Players who upgrade from the original Xbox One can still use it, but you must purchase the Kinect-USB connector. 

This is a minor, but noticeable, downside to upgrading Xbox One players. Microsoft has already finished the production of Kinect, so the lack of a port is not surprising.

Xbox One X package
Xbox One X 

Xbox One Enhances, but some games more than others

What does all the power do to improve your video games?

Firstly, the games that show the most improvements are those where developers take more time and are optimized for devices. These games, which Microsoft calls Xbox One Enhanced, show the ultimate console capabilities. 

Basically, this means running in 4K with a high dynamic range without any effect on the game frame rate. All of the improved Xbox One games we played showed great improvements in optical resolution and a smoother frame. 

At a time when errors and performance problems appear are dragging games down, seeing games run better than before is gratifying.

Microsoft has announced more than 100 current and future games that contain or will contain improved Xbox One X patches. Although we have a handy list of optimized games that have already been released, 

Microsoft allows you to filter your game list only to view improved Xbox One X games. It might not help you decide what to play, but it's a nice touch, especially for new owners who want to put the console to the test.

While playing Gears of War 4, one of the few games we got that got an improved Xbox One board before launching the console, we found that the game was cleaner on the One X, even compared to the 4K scaling for the Xbox One S. 

We found the non-essential details The environment, including walls and trees, maintained its intensity even when we were not close to them. JD Fenix's face, which usually contained massive details in the cut pictures and closely watched, kept his definition in the combat sequence, as the game camera moved.

Super Lucky Tale, an exclusive adaptation of the Xbox One console game Oculus Rift that is launched alongside One X, does not have a high level of detail, but simply works with an incredibly high and smooth frame rate. 

It works like all games that must be played, without obstacles, interruptions, or quirks. To be fair, part of that is that the game is good. It's not like there are major issues with other Xbox One models - instead, One X increases the colorful aesthetic of game graphics.

The increased fidelity of the new console can change the way you experience games unexpectedly. In a section of Gears 4, we looked at the moonlit sky and noticed that the moon was not brighter and more detailed than in the Xbox One S, but we could see lines of light and energy around it. 

The Gears of War franchise takes place on a fictional Earth-like planet called Sera. When we first played the game, we didn't notice this fact - but with the increased accuracy of the Xbox One X, the game looked like a world that had been fully understood.

Xbox One X 2020
Xbox One X 2020

X gonna ’give it to ya

At least every game works better on Xbox One X. Even games that weren't optimized on Xbox One X and running at 1080p on a non-UHD screen worked better on One X than on One S. I think that 'is clear, but it is far from reality. 

Even with the general "boost" mode, which was added months after launch, the advantage of the PS4 Pro is largely referred to as games optimized for the platform, and these features are often only seen on the 4K screen. 

The Xbox One X does what most players expect from a more powerful device. Automatically use this power to better play games.

However, there is a catch. How you improve game performance, especially when playing on a 1080p TV, varies from title to title. For example, DOOM offers slightly improved images and noticeably shorter loading times. 

Even on the non-HDR screen, the colors and lighting of Destiny 2 are brighter, highlighting the details on my ship more clearly. 

Destiny 2 also offers smoother alignment of the frame on a 4K TV, compared to improved 4K visuals for Xbox One S.

Simplicity is a blessing and a curse. If you have a 4K HDR10 TV with a refresh rate of 60 Hz, the console will automatically detect and adjust your settings. 

System-wide, however, there are no options for adjusting or improving the way the console uses its additional power. Especially for none-4K players, the ability to choose between improved resolution, reduced frame rate, or reduced download times will be helpful.

Since the launch of the PS4 Pro in 2016, some games have added additional options like these. None of the 10 games we played on the console showed such options, although not all of them had "Xbox One X Enhanced" patches, which should add these features.

4K video capture is possible, not easy to share

In addition to playing games, Xbox One X lets you take screenshots and record 30-second videos in 4K resolution. Although it's a nice touch, the functionality looks very limited. Videos captured in 4K appear at a lower resolution when published on Xbox Live. 

You can configure your screenshots and videos to be saved directly to an external hard drive, but the player must be in NTFS format, which means that you cannot store your clips and videos on the same external ones from the game that you will use to store additional Xbox One games.

In other words, 4K play recording is a feature primarily for smart owners who are ready to take the extra steps needed to make their gameplay HD online.

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