Google Chat for Computers Becomes a Progressive Web App

Google Chat is now a progressive web application (or PWA) on any computer with Google Chrome.

Google Chat for Computers
Google Chat

This development in particular allows Google Chat to be used as a native application through a web browser for enhanced user experience.

Google Chat in PWA

After Google Drive, YouTube Music, and Google Photos, it's now Google Chat to turn itself into a progressive web app.

According to Google: "The PWA version of Google Chat provides a simple and effective way to communicate on any computer with Google Chrome 73 and later."

Another feature is that the app will now automatically update automatically via Chrome.

Remember that PWA is a web page, which will appear like a native application. The purpose of the maneuver is to ensure ease of navigation and the benefits of the application interface, as soon as a web page is opened on your computer.

Source: AndroidPolice

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