The long awaited Atari VCS will finally arrive in mid June

Atari's frequently deferred VCS console is ready nearly two years after its announcement. The team revealed that the first 500 (or more) Atari VCS models are expected to leave the factory by mid-June. 

Atari VCS will finally arrive in mid-June
Atari VCS

This will keep the majority of the 11,597 Atari-funded holders pending, but the team expects "cautiously" that production will begin this summer now that the parts are available.

Atari VCS

Things are still in the right place. Atari has not yet detailed a full suite of programs for VCS, even with the locked game subscription. 

However, this is good news for donors worried that multiple delays, changing specifications and behind-the-scenes drama may prevent the system from shipping.

Atari VCS
Atari VCS

Whether VCS succeeds or not is another question. It's a relatively powerful device for money with a built-in Ryzen chip and PC-like features, 

But there's no guarantee it will be the console in your dreams, especially if the Atari 2600 doesn't mean much. something for you.

The first copies of Atari VCS soon to be shipped

In early June, Atari is proud to announce the first 500 Atari VCS controllers that will leave their production plant in the coming days.

While early buyers of the machine will receive their valuable console, Atari reassures the majority of the 11,500 Indiegogo donors who are awaiting their unit.

The company explains: "Procurement teams have made significant progress in their efforts to fill in the gaps caused by parts and suspended materials."

Remember that Atari VCS wants to be more than just a simple game console and that it allows for example access to certain broadcast services, such as Netflix or Disney +. The evidence in the video.

Recall that the Atari VCS “All in Bundle” pack, which includes a Classic Joystick, and a Modern Controller, is displayed at $ 389.

Source: Engadget

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