Legacy Google Pay apps and website will lose payment features in the US in January 2021

 The company confirmed to The Verge that the old Google Pay app on iOS, the Android app, and the website will lose several payment features in the United States in January. 

Legacy Google Pay
Google Pay

According to Google's support document, older apps will soon no longer be able to send or receive payments or withdraw money. 

Google Pay

Meanwhile, a notification on Google Pay's website says it is also losing the ability to send and receive peer-to-peer payments. According to 9to5Google reports, Google also offers a 1.5% fee when transferring money from Google Pay using a debit card.

The changes come after the massive restart of the service last week in the United States, which includes a new app and new features such as the ability to automatically scan your Gmail inbox and a Google Photos account to import receipts. 

The new service is expected to expand further next year when Google plans to partner with banks to offer full checking and savings accounts in Google Pay.

Legacy Google Pay
Legacy Google Pay app

The recovery is also accompanied by the introduction of new fees for transferring money with the debit card. One of the support pages states that transferring money with a debit card, 

A process that usually occurs instantly, will now incur a fee of 1.5% or a minimum of $ 0.31. Transfers to a linked bank account are always free but can take anywhere from 1 to 3 business days. Originally, Google Pay didn't charge any fees, according to 9to5Google.

Despite the removal of the peer-to-peer payment functionality in the US, Google has confirmed that Google Pay's web interface will remain. Going forward, it will focus on managing payment methods, subscriptions, and account settings, the company says.

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