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Netflix Party is an extension exclusively designed for Google Chrome users so they can watch shows and movies with friends across the world. 


The popular plug-in has over 1 million users, and people use it regularly to synchronize video streams. It offers a group chat feature that functions in real-time and lets users send across GIFs, screenshots, and emoticons. Although popular, the plug-in is only available for use on PCs using a Chrome browser. It is easy to install and set up, and only requires one person to host a virtual Netflix party!

Sync video playback

An extension for people trying to hit the play button together!
Netflix is ​​one of the world’s biggest TV streaming service providers, Netflix Party is its unofficial entry into the world of social media. The Chome-only extension offers users a chance to watch the same content, at the same time, with anyone in the world. Add to it the live chat feature, and you have a streaming service that makes endless binging, a lot less lonely!

How does it work?

Once you install the Netflix Party plug-in to your Chrome browser, you need to go to the show or movie you wish to stream, click on the extension, and generate a link. You can send the link to multiple users to get the party going. In case the link doesn’t work, you or your streaming partners will have to check if the content is available in their respective countries.

Download Teleparty For Windows

Requires a Netflix subscription

While the Netflix Party extension is free to install, all users must have a Netflix subscription. However, it doesn’t matter if users have different streaming plans; streaming works irrespective of the viewing quality to which users have subscribed. Since Netflix offers plans allowing two to four users to stream content simultaneously, you and your partner can easily use Netflix Party without creating a new account.

Where can you run this program?

Netflix Party only runs on desktops and laptops using a Chrome browser. Once installed, the host can add up to 5,00,000 users to the virtual Netflix party. Each user gets a link that allows for synchronized viewing.

Moreover, users can easily comment on the show or movie using the live-chat feature. The host can control the playback, or keep the option open to all users, so that they can play, pause, and rewind, whenever required.

Is there a better alternative?

Although Netflix Party is a great extension to watch shows and movies together, it is limited to a single browser and streaming platform. Users who wish to sync video playback in Firefox can install the Watch Party extension. In case you want to also stream Amazon Prime along with Netflix, you may want to install the TwoSeven plug-in.

Our take

Netflix Party is a simple extension that allows users to stream shows and movies together. No matter how good you are at ‘One, two,,’ you may still be off by a few seconds, add to it unsynced pauses, and the experience isn’t as great. Netflix Party takes away all the unaccounted interruptions to offer a seamless watching experience.

Should you download it?

If you have a Netflix subscription and want to watch movies with your significant other or friends, who’re not in the same room as you, you should download Netflix Party! The extension is simple to use and keeps you in sync, by the second!

Click here to download:

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