Ubisoft Connect for Windows

Ubisoft connect is a free app that merges the Uplay store and Ubisoft Club while adding cross-play features. 

Ubisoft Connect

You can access your saved games and content from any device, thanks to this new addition. The app also acts as a social platform for gamers, letting you chat and add friends.


Ubisoft Connect adds many new cross-play features to your games on Uplay. The save support lets you transfer saved data between devices and platforms. This handy feature makes it easier than ever to play on both console and PC.

Social features

The app is one of the best bridges between gamers on all devices, from console and mobile to computer. You can quickly add friends and send messages from within the application and view their profiles. This ease of access is all readily available regardless of the platform that they’re using.

However, it doesn’t sync with rival company friend lists such as EA games.

More rewards

Ubisoft Connect adds plenty of new rewards to many old games you may already own, along with great social features. In newly released titles, you can unlock weapon skins, outfits, emotes, and various consumables. You can access rewards in the Uplay application after leveling up your Ubisoft Connect account.


As you use Ubisoft Connect, you’ll sync data with the Uplay application, including information about the games you play. 

These details are accessible at any time and include your playtime, progression, and performance in various games. You may have connection issues, but this problem is fixable by restarting the program.


The interface for the Ubisoft Connect client is easily navigated. The menu is quickly accessed on the left, while all your needed information remains at the center of the screen. However, the app feels like a needless add-on despite its well-designed interface.

Our take

Ubisoft Connect is an excellent addition to the Uplay launcher that most of your games use. It uses an easily navigated interface and adds thousands of new rewards to many titles available. Additionally, the application has many great social features and cross-play support.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you play any games from Ubisoft using the Uplay app, this addition is a must-download for managing those titles. 

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