Google AdSense drops simple thematic ad units from next year

Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to monetize a website, but the platform is about to deposit one of its ad formats. Starting next year, Google AdSense will phase out thematic blocking ads.

Google Adsense

For those not familiar with AdSense, publishers have a choice of two types of ad units. The ones you'll see on most websites are display ads, but 'link' blocks give AdSense publishers a slightly lighter choice. However, these ads weren't very recent or very effective for advertisers, which is why Google made a decision to remove them from March 14, 2021.

Google AdSense

After the March deadline, Google clarifies that users will no longer be able to create new thematic ad units, and all responsive units will automatically switch to display ads. It will also be activated in the AdSense account with the addition of "[Previously linked ad unit]" to the block name.

For fixed-size topic blocks, Google will stop distributing it entirely in March, either by folding the ad or making it invisible on the sites that use it. Google recommends that users who need fixed-size ads switch to Auto, Display, Native, or Matched ads before the deadline. 

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