Google's Blob Opera experience lets anyone create dramatic music

If you've been dreaming of creating your own opera masterpiece, Google is here for you. The company launched a new experiment as part of its non-profit arts and culture initiative called "Bloop Opera". 

Google's Blob Opera experience
BloB Opera

The name sounds almost non-sensory until you learn exactly from the point opera - an instrument with colored dots that sing opera music.

Dots fall on the screen one by one, each singing a different part of the future opera song. You are responsible for moving it back and forth, up and down, to change its height and size. Pendant throughout this time, Bloop Opera is recording your production (assuming you pressed the record button).

The tool is as simple as it is interactive - eyes of large dots follow the cursor "for example" and you can deactivate each of them at any time with one click. Not feeling very creative? There is also a toggle switch to activate holiday music.

Activating the feature will display a list of song options; Click one and the drops will start singing that song, including Santa's hat and snowman. The letters are a great set of spoons and citrus moments for ear mods. Click the "stop" button when you're tired of the party.

The main thing about this tool "of course" is that you don't have to know music to generate fun songs. The best overall music experience on Google, but one of the best and easiest to use. You can try the tool yourself

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