IObit Uninstaller for Windows

When you uninstall software one by one, that's okay with you, but if you have multiple apps to remove, you might be happy with a little help. 

IObit Uninstaller
IObit Uninstaller

Another uninstallation pitfall: some software may be more difficult to erase completely than others, and a simple uninstall of Windows may not remove all traces of the application. In such cases, some users will turn to an uninstaller application to clean their computer from multiple and complex programs. Is this a good idea or is it too much for the average user?

Remove even deeply rooted software

Uninstall multiple apps at once with this awesome uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller is an uninstaller application for Windows. It allows you to uninstall multiple apps at once, as well as offer other features that make the uninstall process easier and more efficient.

Installing the application is quick and easy. The interface is attractive and modern and, most importantly, presents all the options and features in a very clear way, so that you will never have any doubts about what to do next. 

The main program options are shown on the left side. Here you will see all the software you have installed on your computer and some filtering options to make it easier for you to see what you need to uninstall first, including the biggest offenders, programs you rarely use, and software you you installed recently.

In the same menu, you'll also see options that will let you see default Windows apps, as well as a toolbar monitor for any browsers you've installed. Finally, there is an update center that alerts you to any outdated apps. The other apps you see here aren't what they seem: The Setup Monitor (which seems useful) is only available to Pro subscribers, and the options under Action Center are actually other apps. IObit that you can download and not the options included in IObit Uninstaller.

The central part of the uninstaller is where the applications that you have installed on your computer will appear. They will be sorted according to the criteria you selected, and you can find out more about each app, in case you forgot what they do or where they came from. Just select the ones you no longer need and click the Uninstall button. Depending on the number of programs you have selected for uninstallation and the "depth" of their roots, the time required for this will vary.

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Make it Easier

By clicking on the little briefcase symbol on the right side of the screen, you will find some of the other features of IObit Uninstaller, a couple of which are very interesting. One is a one-time uninstaller, where you hover the little target over a program icon to uninstall it, rather than looking for the name in a list. This can be useful for malware that tries to avoid being uninstalled. There is also an uninstall history, which can again be useful if you are trying to uninstall software that might come from suspicious origins.

IObit Uninstaller is not the kind of program that you will have a lot of trouble with, but if you have any issues there is an active forum on the IObit website and lots of online instructional videos.

Where can you run IObit Uninstaller?

IObit Uninstaller will work on machines running Windows 10 / Win8 / Win7 / Vista / XP.

Is there a better alternative?

The glaring minus point of IObit Uninstaller is that you can't access the install monitor feature without paying for Pro, but neither can any of the competing programs. Based on that, no - speaking of the free version of the program, IObit Uninstaller is the best there is.

Our catch

Uninstalling software is no fun. Uninstalling multiple software is downright boring. Using a program like IObit Uninstaller will help you in a situation like this, letting you complete the job more efficiently and giving you a variety of other useful tools in the process.

If you are very careful with what you install on your Windows machine, chances are you won't need to uninstall apps frequently enough to warrant a specific download, but if you are a little more debonair with your installations, this is definitely a great app to wait in the background. One thing: IObit Uninstall

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