Spotify 2020 Wrapped has arrived - and it has a few new features

Yes, that time of the year has come again: Spotify 2020 Wrapped. Do you live under a rock? let me help you. 

Spotify 2020 Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is a feature where the company gives you a personal breakdown of your listening habits throughout the year.

Is it absolutely ridiculous to introduce this feature at the beginning of December? How long is technically a month out of the year left? 44,640 minutes of potential listening (if you are not asleep)?
of course not. how dare you. Sagittarius for Spotify 2020 wrapped, Falah. 

Despite this cognitive dissonance, I still liked the job a little. You can go here to test it, see what the world is listening to here, or just open the Spotify app on your phone.

What's new in Spotify 2020 Wrapped?

There are some additions to the feature this year. First of all, there is a test built into the app. In my work, I was asked to choose the artist I thought I would listen to the most.

You can also follow your story with your most played song, which is something I found not very interesting, but here we go. Presumably, there is also a feature that gives you a breakdown of the podcasts you listen to on Spotify, but I use a different app so it doesn't show up on my account.

The company has also filed badges with Spotify 2020 Wrapped. I can't say giving arbitrary prizes is really overrated for me, but you can take advantage of it, so there is no judgment here.
There are some other new features, but they are understated. If you really care, you can learn more here - but I'm not sure why you would do it yourself.

What do you think of Spotify 2020 Wrapped?

It's okay I think. It's colorful and well designed, but I have a personal issue: I tend to use Spotify for music while I'm working and do most of the active listening with my MP3 library. This means my Spotify 2020 file is basically meaningless.

Luckily, I keep tracking most of my enjoyments using Last.FM, and at the end of the year, it's giving me a more interesting breakdown of my musical habits. No, it doesn't have a fancy graphic design or story-style interface, but it does contain data. And that's all I really want. Discover 2019

Spotify 2020
Your top song

What I'm saying is Spotify 2020 Wrapped is awesome, but you should create a Last.FM account and start using it too. Of course, it's very likely that you are using Spotify as your primary music playback software, in which case I guess you're okay? 

I don't know, the social media-friendly design and sharing features make me feel like Spotify 2020 Wrapped is for people with terrible musical tastes posting things like "TYPICAL ME", "NO SHOCK HERE" or "Are you smiling?" Just like their listening habits.

Either way, it was me who did - head over here if you want to know what Spotify thinks about you. Or go here if you want to see what the world is listening to. But what's the point of that when we're still in 2020?

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