Visual Studio Code for Windows

Even if you are a beginner or a professional software programmer and web developer, surely you know your way around in a text editor. 

Visual Studio Code
Built on open source

This tool allows you to open, view, and edit plain text files. Due to its simplicity, it is generally overlooked and underrated. Although it is still on a par with any other complex programming tool. It offers important features that you need to write and edit in programming and markup languages. 

If you are old enough to use previous versions of Windows, you will remember having Notepad as the default application built into your computer. It is the easiest and most basic text editor developed by Microsoft. 

But the tide has changed since the release of Microsoft's most comprehensive, free, and open-source text editor in 2015: Visual Studio Code (VS Code). It quickly gained popularity and positive reviews among its users and reviewers. But is it really worth the hype?

The world's most popular and used text editor

Overall, this text editor is worth the hype and a great addition to your expanding development toolkit.
Since this text editor is built using GitHub's cross-platform Electron framework, you can easily use it with a wide selection of programming languages ​​and platforms, including (but not limited to) C #, C / C ++, Python, Java, Ruby, and even with the most modern environments like Go and Node.js. Unlike some of its counterparts, it allows you to open one or more directories instead of the traditional project system. You can save these directories in your workspaces, so you can reuse them at any time. Many developers and program managers have already gone from their usual text editor to this brilliant creation from Microsoft.

Not your basic editor

Initially, after downloading the editor, you'll be presented with a basic editor that supports a handful of technologies including JavaScript, Typescript, and Node.js. Along with its built-in code entry and management skills, refactoring tools, and Git support, you'll have more than enough to complete most basic web development projects. 

Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio 

The editor's interface is probably more familiar with its modern vibe that takes inspiration from the common look and feel of the latest generation of IDEs. You will see an explorer pane on the left exposing your current project and the main pane which houses your open documents as tabs. Underneath, a console panel displays debugging information and an integrated terminal. You can work with projects as simple as a directory or as complex as .NET VS solution files, but overall, the editor supports all other popular project packaging formats.

Extensible Freemium Features

One of the best (and interesting) ways to master the editor's controls and features is to click on its interactive playground. This is a special page that reviews common keyboard shortcuts and concepts you can use for an easier online workspace, such as multiple sliders, separate panes, and keyboard shortcuts. The examples given in this tutorial page are interactive, which makes learning more fun. You can access this page directly from the publisher's home page once you open it after installing it on your computer. 

Another feature you can explore right off the bat are Editor Keymaps. These are extensions that map all of its shortcuts to other editors, including Sublime, Atom, Emacs, and even Eclipse. You can also go beyond simple syntax highlighting and autocomplete by using IntelliSense which provides smart completions based on imported variable types, function definitions, and modules found in your project. What's more impressive is its ability to let you find a specific npm package in your JSON files without having to provide the specific version. The editor will examine npm and return the most recent version of IntelliSense. 

But the real gem behind the publisher is its extensibility. Do you have a specific request? All you have to do is simply choose from the range of extensions available and download the most suitable for your needs. Other extensions provide additional debugging tools, improve the indication of e code, the ability to tidy up the formatting of your source code, or even the design of the editor interface..

Where can you run Visual Studio Code?

You can download Microsoft's most comprehensive text editor for free by simply visiting its official website. Just go to the website's download page and feel free to choose from the different versions of the installer available for different operating systems. The editor is compatible with Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS, and Linux.

Is there a better alternative?

One of the fundamental drawbacks of the VS code is the fact that it is still relatively new to the industry. Despite the bold claim to be one of the best text editors on the market, it is still far from perfect. The publisher is still in its development stage with the help of its contributors from the user community. Unlike Sublime which has almost a decade to mature since its release in 2007. 

Visual Studio Code

This text editor is as popular as other big names like Atom and Vim. If you are already a seasoned programmer or developer, you have to admit that you have used this old reader before. Finding a specific file and even from one file to another is very simple and fast. You also have the power to control various aspects like saving lost focus, reducing white space, etc. Config files are simple JSON, and you can explore a whole host of hidden settings as well. 

The downsides of this editor are one, there is no decent Git plugin, and two, it comes with a bit expensive (but reasonable) license fees unlike popular freeware Atom and VS Code. Sublime is still ahead of the young publisher from Microsoft, but that doesn't necessarily mean that one is better than the other, as both offer reliable and excellent performance.

Our catch

Microsoft has supported the Windows-only development environment for a long time, which allows tools like Atoms from Github and MacOS-only tools to dominate seats in various tech conferences. But this giant worked really fast and finally released a revolutionary all-in-one text editor that practically supports cross-platform and web development. 

It is quickly reaching the top of its competition thanks to the help of its extremely growing number of users (which is not limited to Windows users). It fits well with modern development requirements as it is easy to customize for your favorite languages ​​and features you find most useful with its library of constantly growing plugins and extensions.

Should you download it?

Absolutely. Get yourself a free copy of the best text editor which has a wide range of flexible apps and features that you can upgrade to the latest extension sets created by its developers and contributors. There's really nothing this popular tool can't do. Most importantly, it is not only compatible with Windows, but also with Mac OS and Linux

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