How to e-sign a document - Premium alternative options

How to e-sign a document - Premium alternative options

 How to e-sign a document - Premium alternative options


Some people only need to submit a single PDF here or there for signatures. If you think you'll be signing electronically and often sending documents for electronic signature, it might be helpful to subscribe to HelloSign. Online e-signature service is above all a premium service. 

However, there is a lesser-known free version of it that gives you quite a few limited features. For example, you can submit up to three signature requests per month, integrate e-signature services with Google Drive, and keep audit records for all signed documents. 

But if you need more than what the free version offers, you can skip to the next top plan. The Essentials plan costs $ 15 per month (when billed annually) and allows you to have unlimited signature requests per month - a useful tool for professionals who sign multiple contracts.


Many companies consider DocuSign to be the premier e-signature service for commercial use. The DocuSign System is widely accepted for being valid as an ink signature. This service is your best bet if you process multiple e-signatures per month.

If you only need to sign documents, DocuSign offers a free version of its services called DocuSign Free Edition. This plan allows you to sign an unlimited number of records (but you cannot send documents with signature requests).

The DocuSign Personal Plan has many benefits. You have to pay an annual bill that decreases in increments of $ 10 per month. Features include the ability to send five documents for electronic signature per month, support for multiple languages ​​(44 languages ​​for signature and 14 languages ​​for documents), use of the DocuSign smartphone app, reusable templates, and real-time proofreading paths.

The days of bulky fax machines, defective ink cartridges, and wasted paper are being numbered as electronic signatures have become the most efficient and cost-effective method. You can now sign all your important documents with a click of a mouse, a stylus, or even your finger.

As the demand for these electronic signatures increases, there is a decrease in the price and an increase in inaccessibility. Many e-signature software vendors offer free services. All you need is an internet connection and access to the tools on our list to sign official documents remotely.

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