How to set up Google Voice on your smartphone

Google's voice over IP (VoIP) framework Google Voice dispatched in 2009 and from that point forward has filled in as a helpful method to add a subsequent telephone number to your cell phone. 

How to set up Google Voice on your smartphone
Set up Google Voice on your smartphone

As well as filling in as work or second close to the home number, Google Voice likewise serves to safeguard your private data from lawbreakers, programmers, and online miscreants and ensure your security. 

Similarly, as you wouldn't give out your landline number to simply anybody, you don't need to surrender your portable number to each application, mailing list, interpersonal organization, or new individual, all things considered. Simply use Google Voice. Here's the way to set it up.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice utilizes your Google record to give you an alternate public-confronting telephone number for calling, text informing, and voice message for your cell phone or PC. You pick your number as a subsequent telephone number that connects to your real close to the home number. You can set up the application to advance calls, instant messages, and voice messages with full reinforcement. 

The application even offers progressed phone message records that you can peruse in the application or have shipped off your email and allows you to call global objections at serious rates without additional charges. In case you're utilizing different gadgets at the same time as the vast majority of us do nowadays, Google Voice interfaces with every one of them so you can check your inbox from any place you might be. Google Voice likewise sifts through the spam and can hinder any numbers you pick. 

Google Voice is just accessible for U.S.- based Google records and G Suite accounts. Text informing through Google Voice is just accessible in the U.S. also, Canada. Also, on the off chance that you need to add another telephone number to an all-around existing record, you'll likely track down an alternate arrangement of steps. Entering data faulty or making changes to telephone numbers and different inclinations may change the interaction a piece, as well.

Set up Google Voice on iPhone

  1. If you don’t have the Google Voice app, download it from the App Store.
  2. Launch the app, and when Google recognizes your account, tap Continue as [Your Name].
  3. Tap Accept to the terms and conditions.
  4. Tap Search to choose a Google Voice number by city or area code.
  5. Select the number you want from the list.
  6. Agree to verify your existing phone number by tapping Next.
  7. Enter your phone number and tap Send Code.
  8. Enter the text code you received.
  9. You will get a message that your account is ready to use.
  10. Google then alerts you that it has added your account.
  11. Google asks permission to access your contacts. Tap OK.
  12. Google asks permission to send notifications. Tap Allow.
  13. Google sends an alert that all calls made from Google Voice will show up in the app.

Set up Google Voice on Android

  1. If you don’t have the Google Voice app, download and install it from the Google Play Store.
  2. The app may or may not ask you to choose or sign in to your Google account.
  3. Tap Search to select a Google Voice phone number. Select the number that you want your contacts to see when you call them. You can search by city or area code.
  4. Tap Select when you choose your number, and then tap Next to confirm the phone number you selected.
  5. Google Voice confirms the number you chose, and if it all looks OK, then tap Accept Number.
  6. You will be asked to add a number; if you haven’t added your mobile phone number to your Google account, do so and click Send Code.
  7. An alert asks permission for Google Voice to access your contacts. Tap Allow.
  8. A list of your contacts pops up.
  9. You are now ready to use your new Google Voice phone number.

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